Ancestors of George Wyman's parents Matthew Wyman and Susannah Arnsby


Sophia Wyman, my great great grandmother was born in Oundle, Northamptonshire, and after relatively little progress, this line has shown some considerable progress. Her mother Mary Swain and ancestors were from Wellington, Somerset, so I will concentrate here on ancestors of her father George Wyman. I have known that Georgeís father Matthew Wyman, on his marriage to Susanna Arnsby was stated to be from Harringworth, yet he was not baptised there. I now find he was baptised in 1738 in Thorpe Achurch, (as were three siblings), and one later sibling was baptised in Harringworth. Parents were Robert Wyman and Anne Brown, who married at Thorpe Achurch, but he was from Harringworth. It has now been possible to link to Lucy Demontisís website at

George Wymanís mother, Susannah Arnsby was baptised in 1742, daughter of John Armsby and Susannah Palmer. John Armesby was son of John Arnesby and Mary Conington, all of Benefield. Susannah Palmer was daughter of John Palmer jun, implying Johnís father is also John Palmer, see below.

George Wyman's ancestry

Susannah Arnsby's Ancestry

Sophia Wyman Ancestry (pdf)

Regarding Susannah Palmerís ancestry. Her baptism record gives her as Susan. Palmer, daughter of John Palmer junior, christened 18th Oct 1720. Now I have found three John Palmer Weddings at  (or near) Oundle: -

John Palmer m Amey Austin 1683

John Palmer m Alice Wattell of Glapthorn 1694

John Palmer m Anne Jeakins both of Oundle 1706

There are a number of baptisms of children with John Palmer as father. I have allocated these as seems most likely. Some are marked jun or sen, but in most cases there seems only one possibility.

 There seem to be too few burials for the relevant Palmers in this time period. Some checking of Wills may help here.

Latest: - Mary Conninton was baptised as Mary Cunnington on 24th January 1685/6, daughter of John Cunnington and Ann. Also Ann Jeakins was the daughter of Henry Jeakins, who died in 1689 - and there are probate documents to be had. It is suspected that his wife may be a Mary Jeakins who was buried just three days before him

There are a number of entries in the Northants and Rutland Probate index. These show e.g. that Henry Jeakins was a chandler. Wills may reveal more details of these families



Further work has taken the Arnsby and Connington lines further back.

John Arnsby's burial states that he was the son of Edward and Mary was his late wife. Errors revealed in Arnsby line to be corrected in due course

Edward was from Great Weldon, but his father Robert and grandfather Thomas were from Cold Ashby.

Susannah Palmer's father was from Sudborough and her grandfather was from Thorpe Achurch.

See the ancestors of Sophia Wyman above.


Latest. It seemed to me that Amy Austen could be a widow, and I have now more or less shown this

Amey Desborough married 1) John Austin  2.2.1670 at Thorpe Achurch and 2) John Palmer 24.6.1683 at Oundle

I do not have a burial for John.

Amy and John Austin had 4 children 1671-1678, and Amy and John Palmer had two children 1684-7 (including John junior)


Amy Desborough was born at Oundle in 1650, the second of two children of John Desborough and Amie Smith

They married on 6th June 1647 at Wadenhoe, Northants.

Neither Amy's nor her two husbands burials have been located.


Amy (Amie) Smith was baptised at Wadenhoe on 22nd Feb 1628, the middle of three children of John Smith and Alice Worship, who married on 16th May 1625 at Lilford cum Wigsthorpe, Northants.


Alice has not been traced but John Smith was the 7th of 15 children of Bartholomew Smith and Alice Teate. THe children were born 1594-1620 at Wadenhoe. Bartholomew and Alice married 23rd Jan 1593/4 at Wadenhoe.

John Smith was baptised 16.1.1603/4 at Wadenhoe


Further investigations to be made





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