Wood family of Stockport, Cheshire



Eliza Leah's mother was Hannah Wood, who married Christopher Hall Leah in 1847 in Cheadle.

Hannah parents were Robert Wood, a weaver and cotton dresser, and Lydia Shaw, Hannah was born in 1821 in Gee Cross, Cheshire, and was baptised in 1822 in Hyde Presbyterian Chapel aka Gee Cross Unitarian Church. Robert was born on 21st January 1796 in Werneth, and baptised in the same Chapel as his daughter on 13th March 1796, and he was a weaver. Robert married Lydia on 29th September 1817 at St Mary's Stockport. Robert died in February 1858 and was buried at Gee Cross Unitarian Church.


His parents were Robert Wood (another weaver) and Martha Heginbotham. Robert was baptised in 1761, also at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel, to Thomas Wood and Alice Wild. Re Martha see below. Simlarly Robert and Martha's burials have not been found.


Thomas Wood married Alice Wild in 1746 at St Mary's Stockport. Thomas died in 1790 as can be seen from an administration, he was a husbandman of Bacom (Beacom Houses - see Isaac Booth's birth) . Alice died in 1768, and Thomas remarried in 1774. The marriage licence bond shows that his wife, Ann Symister was a widow of Werneth - this describes him as a husbandman of Werneth. The bond gives his age as 50, so he was born in around 1724. However his baptism has not been traced. Alice Wild was baptised in 1723 at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel, daughter of Thomas Wild and Alice Bowres.


This leads back to a nice line of Wilds. This Thomas was also a husbandman and he was from Hyde. Thomas died in 1746 in Hyde, but was buried at Mottram in Longdendale. A will has been identified see here, which shows 8 daughters (though only four named), I have found 6 to date. An Inventory is to come. Thomas Wild married Alice Bowres at St Mary's Stockport in 1707. Alice died in 1747, she was also buried at Mottram.


Thomas was baptised in 1696 at St Mary's Stockport. His parents were Henry Wild and Grace Turner. Henry was also a husbandman. He married Grace in 1695 at St Mary's. A will has been identified for him dated 1726 see here, though parish records suggest burial of 1730. An inventory is to come, and Grace's burial  has yet to be found.  Henry was baptised in 1667 at St Mary's, having been born at Woodley. His father was William Wild, about whom nothing further has been found. Grace was born in Bredbury and baptised at St Mary's in 1665, daughter of Thomas Turner. Thomas's wife and burial have not yet been identified.


Thomas Turner was born in 1636 at Bredbury and baptised at St Mary's. His parents were Thomas Turner and Anne Downes.


Thomas senior was born in 1602 at Bredbury and baptised at St Mary's Stockport, and married Anne Downes there in 1632.

His father was William Turner , who died at Bredbury in 1636 and was also buried at St Mary's.


William's father has been identified by a will of 1608 as Thomas Turner of Bredbury, see here. This will has two versions - these will be checked. An inventory is to come.


I thought Martha Heginbotham was daughter of Jonathan (a button mould turner) and his wife Hannah Allen, but the will of Jonathan shows that his daughter Martha was married to someone else. Now I have found that on some of her children's baptism at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel that her parents were James Heginbotham and Alice.

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