William Gale of Monken Hadley Will 1610



In the name of God amen I Willia[m] Gale

of the Parrishe of Muncken Hadlye in the Countye of Midds sicke in bodye but of

perfect remembrance thanks be to god doe ordaine and make my last will & testam[en]t

in manner and forme followinge Firste I bequeathe my Soule into the handes of

allmighty god my only Creator Savioure and Redeem[er] and my bodye to the

earthe to be buried after a decent mann[er] at the will of my Executor hereunder

named Item that whereas I have heretofore covenanted to leave unto Susanna

Gale my nowe wief after my decease the some of Fower hundred poundes of lawfull

monye of England and gave my bond for the assurance of the same Some Whiche

Some of Fower hundred poundes shoulde have bene payde unto me of hir Creditors w[hi]ch

I coulde nevir receive as unto my wief it is well knowne yett nowe in consideracon

that my wief doe discharge and releasse my sayde covenante touchinge the leavinge hir

the saide some of Fower hundred poundes then I doe in liewe thereof give & bequeathe

unto hir my saide wief Susanna Gale twentye poundes of lawfull money of England

and twos kyen w[hi]ch shee shall best lyke and choose my Coache w[i]th the two gueldings to

it w[i]th Fier wood in & about my House at Hadley for one whole yeare after my deceasse

And alsoe Haye for hir twoe kyen and horses for the winter next followinge w[i]th con-

venient howseroome for them And further I appoynte unto my sayde wief all the west

p[ar]te of my howse wherein I nowe dwell from the Pale in the Streete to the Well

Allwayes reservinge the ioynte use of the kitchen to my Children at theire beinge

here w[i]th the like ioynte use of the washe howse Exceptinge & reservinge unto my sonne

Terrey his Lodgings as he heretofore hathe had them w[i]th free egresse & regresse to

the Well and field to washe and drye as they maye Alsoe I appoynte unto my

said wief the two smalle Fields lienge next Robert Preston in the Parrishe of

Southe Myms conteyninge bt estimacon five acres be they more or lesse (exceptinge &

reservinge unto my executor free ingresse & regresse in and throughe the firste field

w[i]th all mann[er] of carriadge or drifte of his Cattell at his pleasure All w[hi]ch my will is that

my wief shall have duringe hir widdowhood only shee my sayde wief doeinge all

mann[er] of reparations But yf my wief shall dislyke of these things w[hi]ch I have give[n]

unto hir and refuse them I give unto hir one hundred poundes of currant money of

England But if shee shall refuse to releasse my Executor of the covenante & bond of the

fower hundred poundes w[hi]ch in conscience she oughte to doe consideringe it coulde not

                                                                                                                    be recovered


be recovered (as before it is expressed) Then my will is that this my legacy before

given unto hir thereof to be utterlye voyde and of none effect unto hir & to

remayne unto my executor Item I give unto Henry Blackley Tenn pounds And

unto Margery Thringe Six poundes thirteen shillings fower pence And I give unto

eache of the children of my sonnes and daughters Tenn poundes a peece The saide somes

to be payde unto the sonnes at theire several ages of one and twentye yeares and to the

daughters at theire sev[e]rall ages of eightene yeares or at the daye of theire marriages

w[hi]ch shall first happen. Item I give unto Mr Carier Preacher my little graye amblinge

Mare Item I give I give unto my two daughters in lawe Anne Gale and Margerie

Gale to each of them Twentye poundes a peece and to my sonnes in lawe John Terrye

Thomas Lownes and Humfrey Atkins Fourtye pounds a peece appoyntinge them the

Overseers of this my last will and Testament. Item I give unto my Sonne in

law John Terrye the use of these Rowmes w[hi]ch he hathe bene accustomed to have he

doeinge the reparacons. Item I geve unto my sonne John Gale Twentye poundes

Item I give unto Edwarde Lenton Five poundes. Item I give unto the Poore of

St Annes Foutie shillings. And to the Poore of Hadley Fourtie shillings to be be-

stowed amongs them at the discrecon of my executor. All the rest of my goodes and

chattells unbequeathed my debts and legacies beinge discharged and Fun[er]all payde I

give unto my sone William Gale whom I make my full & sole Executor of this

my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my had and seale

in the presence of those whose names are hereunder written Postscriptii Itm I give

unto Anne Jennyngs widdowe Twentye shillings and my mourninge gowne at London

W Gale Sealled and subscribed in the p[rese]nce of Henrye Baylye The marke of :Iohn:

John Ussher. Item my mind is that this Codicill shalbe annexed unto my will

(that is) That Susanna Gale my nowe wief shall have the one halfe of the Lynnen

in the House and alsoe three Featherbeds and two Flockbeds w[i]th the Furniture that hathe

usuallie gone w[i]th them w[i]th theire pillowes and pillowberes to use and occupie for longe as

shee shall remayne my widdowe and after that to remaine unto my executor expressed & named

in my will In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hande and sealle the sixth daie of

November one thousande sixe hundred & tenn / W Gale Witnesses hereunto Bar: Carier

and Richard Rippin


Probatum fuit Testamentum supascript una codicill eodem annex

apud London coram Mag[ist]ro Edmundo Pope legum d[o]c[t]ore Surr[ogat]to venerabilis

viri d[o]m[in]i Johannis Benet militis legu[m] etiam d[o]c[t]oris Curie Prerogative

Cantuarien[sis] mag[ist]tri[ensis] Custodis sive Comissarii l[egi]time constituti vicesimo primo die mensis

Novembris Anno d[omi]ni millesimo sexcentesimo decimo Juramento Will[ia]mi Gale filii

n[atu]ralis et l[egi]time d[i]c[t]i defuncti et Executoris in huiusmodi testamento no[m]i[n]ati Cui comissa fuit

administratio omn[ium] et singulorum bonorum Jurium et Creditorum eiusdem defuncti de bene et

fidel[ite]r administrando eadem Ad sancta dei Evangelia &c iurat


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