Will of William Hodges Yeoman of Dymock proved 1799



This is the last Will and testament

of me William Hodges of the parish of Dymock in

the County of Gloucester yeoman. First I do give and

devise unto my son William Hodges and Hannah my wife

All That my messuage and tenement and farm called

Leadington’s Place then in Leadington’s Farm with the

lands Tenements and Heredit[ament]s thereunto belonging and

all and every office my lands Tenements and Hereditaments

situate lying and being in the parish of Dymock or

 elsewhere in the county of Gloucester. And the Reversion and Reversions Remainder

 and Remainders Rents Issues and Profits thereof. And all

my estate Rights and Title Equity of Redemption claim and Demand

whatsoever of into or out of the same and every part thereof

To hold to my said son William Hodges and Hannah my

Wife for and during their joint Natural Lives and the life of

the Survivor of them; and soon and immediately after the

Death of the said Hannah my Wife I Give and Devise

the same messuage or tenement and Farm Lands Tenements

hereditaments and Real Estate unto my said son William

Hodges and to his heirs and Assigns for Ever, as fully and beneficially

to all intents and purposes as I am in any ways enabled to give and

Devise the same according to my estate and Interests therein.

And I do hereby declare it to be my Will desire true Intent

and meaning, That my messuage and Tenement Farm Lands

Hereditaments and Real Estate so given to my said son William

William Hodges and Hannah my wife in manner as aforesaid

shall be subject and liable to the payment of the Principal Money

and the Interest thereof now due and to grow due to Sarah Mattow

of the parish of Ledbury in the County of Hereford Widow and her

Executors Administrators and Assigns on the Mortgage thereof And

also all such other Debts that shall be due and owing by me to all

and every or any person or persons whatever upon Bond or

upon simple Contract for Arrears of Rent of Lands Rented by me

or on ant other account whatsoever at the time of my Death

And also the payment of my Funeral Expenses and probate

and Executorships of this my Will and the several legacies by

me hereby given and bequeathed to my Children and Legatees

payable and to be paid at the time and in manner herein

particularly mentioned requesting the same (that is to say) I

Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Hannah the wife of

Younger Hooper; My daughter Mary the wife of William Kings;

My Daughter Elizabeth the wife of William Jones; My

Daughter Nancy the wife of Isaac Pullen; My Daughter

Rosanna the wife of John Stinton And my Daughter Maria

Hodges Spinster the sum of Twenty pounds a piece: to my Son

Thomas Hodges the sum of Fifty pounds And to my son John

Hodges the sum of Fifty pounds and all of the lawful British

Money, which pecuniary legacies amount together on the whole to

the sum of Two Hundred and Twenty Pounds; And I do hereby

further declare it to be my Will desire True Intent and meaning

that the before mentioned pecuniary legacies or any or either of

them shall not be paid or payable to the respective Legatees

any or either of them till the Expiration of twelve months to be

computed from the day of death of the said Hannah my Wife.

And that if any other of my said children and pecuniary

Legatees before named should happen to die before his her or their

Legacy or Legacies shall become actually payable as aforesaid

That then the Legacy or Legacies to him her or them so dying

shall go and be paid to the Survivors and Survivor of them share

and share alike, at each time as his her or their own Original

Legacy or Legacies shall become actually due and payable as

aforesaid And that the legacy share and portion of my Daughter

Rosanna the wife of John Stinton shall not be subject to the

Debts Engagement Power or Control of her present or any future

Husband and that her receipt share be a discharge for the same

notwithstanding her present of any future Coverture. And also

I do hereby Give and Bequeath unto my son William Hodges and

Hannah my wife all and singular my Money in purse and

Securities for Money Goods Chattels Corn Grain Hay Implements

of Husbandry Stock of Cattle and personal Estate of everysort

and kind and of every degree and Denomination and wheresoever

the same shall be To Hold unto my said son William Hodges

and Hannah my Wife then Executors Administrators and assigns

for ever in full property and in Equal Shares and proportion

(and I desire that a true and perfect Inventory and

appraisement thereof may be made true and taken

immediately after my death To the intent that an equal

share  and proportion thereby nay be contained for the use

and benefit of my son William Hodges and Hannah my

wife. And lastly I do hereby nominate Constitute and

appoint my said son William Hodges and Hannah my

Wife joint Executor and Executrix and residuary Legatees

of this my last and only Will and Testament whereof

I have to this my said Last Will and Testament in Writing

contained in Four sheets of paper annexed to each other at

the bottom of the first Three Sheets thereof set my Name and to

the Fourth and Last Sheet thereof Set my name and Seal

This seventh day of January in the year of our Lord one

Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight.


Signed Sealed  Published and Declared                        }                            Wm Hodges

by the said Testator as and for his last Will and             }

Testament in the presence of us who in his sight            }

and presence and at his request and in the presence      }

of each other have subscribed our Names as Witnesses}

hereto having first observed the Words on the              }

County of Gloucester to be interlined on the first          }

sheet                                                                           }


Ant. Punch

Thos. Hill

James Tyler


This will was proved the 4th day of Jan[uar]y 1799 before the

Rev[eren]d Chas Palmer Surrogate to the Worshipful Edward

Cooke M.A. Vicar General in Spirituals of the Right

Rev[eren]d Father in God Richard by Divine permission Lord

Bishop of the Diocese of Gloucester & of his Episcopal Con

sistory Official principal lawfully constituted by

William Hodges and Hannah Hodges the joint Executor

and Executrix to who etc


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