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This page changed to reflect the view I have that William Henry Pullen junior (Will) did not after all have any children.

More information on the two marriages of both Annie Bond Cocks here and Sadie Aldous here

James Douglas of Torquay will here

Ann Jackson nee Lee's will is now here, and Harry Jackson 's will here.

My contact Bill Holmes great grandson of Frederick Walter Holmes died in 2013 more details here

DNA testing done see here DNA

Wills obtained of Clara Maria Douglas (nee Clarke) now listed here and Thomlas Hill died 1756 here.

Further details of Fred Aldous and his step-daughter and her husband here

Further sale of William Varnden effects found see here

Burial of Robert Wood and Martha his wife (nee Heginbotham) found at Mellor in Derbyshire see here

Humphrey Leah of Mobberley 1711 will added here

Ellen Swindells will added here

Another clock by James Douglas added here

Marriage date and place of Joseph Holmes and Catherine Allen added here.

John Stanley Sharples added to Priests here

Death of Samuel Henry Holmes junior added here.

Warning note about ancestry of Brewsters added to the third John Brewster here.

Picture of the Holmes family headstone in Green-wood Cemetery, Brooklyn added here

Exact death date of Joseph Holmes added here

Will of Alice Pickford nee Lees 1730 widow of Althill, Ashton under Lyne added here

Extract of the will of Jonathan Pickford Gent of Macclesfield 1690 added here

Will of John Platt , Mason of Haughton 1764 added here

Will of James Cock eventually found in Lancashire wills - record office told me once that they did not have one! See here

Long will of Alice Pickford spinster 1757, aunt of Grace Catlow nee Pickford added here

Will of George Knight of Denton 1787 added here

Will of Jonathan Catlow Clerk of Ashton under Lyne 1746 added here

Will of Mary Bond (nee Lowe) widow of Denton 1835 added here

Will of John Cock Innholder of Ashton under Lyne 1723 added here

Will of Humphrey Leah of Mobberley 1711 is added here

Will of Henry Joyce Card Maker 1614 finally completed here

John Pierce's effects being auctioned see here.

John Lee's second wife was Ann Thewlis, nee Botly, see here.

Will of Jane Risbridger (maiden name unknown) 1569 of Albury added here.

Extra obituary of George Boyce (chemist) added here.

William A Wilson and Mary Holmes had one child Leila Alice Wilson before Mary's early death. Added here.

Marriages and children of John Clarke clarified here.

Staffurth Clarke senior's page update with new items here.

George Staffurth Clarke's son whose early death led to depression and George's suicide has been identified. See here.

Inventory of Ralph Bowers of Mottram added here.

Information added as found from digital certs from GRO. Added child to James Douglas of Torquay here, and death details for the following as shown: - Benjamin Pullen here, William Holmes and Caroline (nee Whateley) here, John Lee here,, Mary Cock nee Bond here, and Sophia Wyman here.

Will of John Pickford brother to Jonathan Pickford here.

Correction made to Mary Louisa Douglas daughter of George Boyce Douglas here.

New information added to Joseph Holmes's children, including a previously unknown twin to Barbara Christina, here

George Bowker Shoemaker of Hyde's will added here.

George Jackson's second wife was Ann Turner, see here. (Now includes info from marriage certidicate - they married at Tiviot Dale Chapel)

Varnden information updated here.

Furether information on the other crimes of Annie Cheetham aka Julia Snell here.

John Pierce's first marriage was to Rachel Hardisty, shown on this page

Jane Bull's revised ancestry shown on this page.

A number of dates of birth found mainly from 1939 register have been added to various pages.

Note there are some errors in Arnsby/Armsby ancestry revealed by Northants parish records on ancestry. To be revised

Detail added of James Douglas's position as Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages on this page.

Some detail added of Samuel Henry Edwards, including a link to his service record on this page.

Added photograph of Stoke d'Abernon Church on the Neesham page, and added some further detail here.

Marriage added for Arthur Robert Clarke on this page. Also updated information on his brother Alfred drawn from his military record, and Charles Thomas Clarke and his wife, who emigrated to New Zealand on the same page.

Added some more birth dates on this page to family of Frederick Douglas and Clara Maria Clarke.

Tree of ancestry of Shaw family extended. More text needed. See here.

Added extra clock for the Middle James Douglas here.

Added extra photo of Douglas bakery shop here

Will of William Gale added here. Will of Thomas Brown added here.

Further information on the Leah Family of Werneth and Mobberley here.

Some work on the Catlow ancestry will be added soon - relates to the ancestry of Sarah Moone.  See here.

James Shaw's baptism added here.

Extra info added to Jane Hall's ancestry added here.

Info on Fred Aldous added here.

Obituary of Samuel Henry Holmes added and some details added for Carrie Holmes and Elsie Holmes here.

Will of Mary Chitty mother of William Chitty sen added here.

Will of Richard Whateley Holmes of Ashfield, New South Wales, 1943 added here.  George Whateley Holmes will added here. Margaret Ann Holmes's will added here. More NSW wills added to this page

James Douglas brass clock dial added here

Some information about James Douglas 1806-1879 added here and some dates added to the Douglas families here and here.

Theft of loaves from George Boyce added here

Staffurth Clock sold in Nov 2014 added here.

Thomas Pullen was sent to Millbank Prison after conviction, before his transportation, see here.

Thomas Constable's (died 1651 and born circa 1575) father was Thomas Constable who left a will, dying in 1576. Will added here. His wife was Joan Gaw(n)ton, daughter of John Gawnton and Joan. See here.

Links to County Maps added in Counties page here

Will of John Johnson located, written 1627, he is of Chart next Sutton Valence in Kent, and refers to his wife being with child, transcription here

Additional Clock of James Douglass here

Will of John Wright of Winkfield 1648 added here.

Constable and Margesson page started here.

Possible Varnden connection added here.

Sarah Webster's ancestry added to the Clarke Branch page.

Some small additions to the Bond page here, and explanation that the documents I was examining from Spanish archives did not assist in tracing the de Gallegos family here.

Published pedigree online of Margesson family may give extra generation or two. See here.

Ongoing work on the Jeakin family - appears Henry Jeakins married Mariam Usher in Southoe Huntingdonshire. Family may come from Great Staughton, Hunts.

Page added for the Pickford family of Macclesfield and Ashton under Lyne here.

Samuel Henry Holmes's first marriage to Marian (Mary Ann) Holmes found 16th Octobert 1880 in King's County New York. The index record gives Marg Soster and W Samuel Holmes. See here.

Some information about the death of Amy Hart Barton in Le Havre added here.

Martha Jackson's baptism at Marple Bridge Independent found giving birthplace and residence at High Lane, see here.

Amey Austen, who married John Palmer, has been found to be a widow, Amy Desborough who married John Austen first. See here.

My tentative identification of James Shaw's parents proved incorrect. Further work to be done. See here.

Will of Henry Jeakins 1689 added here. (Maybe not complete)

Caroline Holmes  information corrected and augmented here. (Daughter of George Whateley Holmes)

A newspaper account of William Clarke's suicide is added here.

Some additional baptisms and a burial included in the account of James Douglas's (Torquay) family here.

George Cocks' promotion to Colour Sergeant in 1914 found see here.

William Clarke was an inmate of Fulbourn Asylum at the time of his suicide, according to a newspaper account not yet obtained. More to follow.

Inventories of John Wheeler 1730 here

Some additions to the Hodges Branch and Brewster Branch pages.

Will of George Hill 1723 Yeoman of Dymock here, and Alice Hodges widow of Dymock 1569 here

Will of John Lytle (father in law of John Brewster) of Gloucester 1602 added here.

Hannah Hodges will of 1797 added here and of John Wheeler mason of Newent 1730 here, and William Hodges 1790 here. Also of William Puckmore of 1730 here and his inventory here

Some small details of Arthur Hale Fletcher's (husband of Mayfred Holmes) death added here.

James Shaw's parents provisionally identified as Abraham Shaw and Sarah. Sally Swindells parents were John Swindells and Sally. See here. Bried further explanation added 12.10.13. Martha Heginbotham's parents confirmed on some of her children's baptisms as James Heginbotham and Alice. James Shaw confirmed as father of Lydia Ann Shaw and Sally was her mother, these are from Hannah Wood's (and her sister Sarah Ann's) baptism at Hyde Presbyterian Church. Sally was Sally Swindells.

More to follow see here for now.

Found William Varnden junior married twice, second marriage to Elizabeth Taylor 1824 at East Molesey. Elizabeth died 1829 at Chertsey aged 39. See Varnden Page.

Refined transcription of John Morewood's will here.

John Boyce and Judith Write (Wright) both of Winkfield, Berks, had a Clandestine marriage at the Fleet Prison on 26th November 1714. Judith will be looked for at the Berks RO in due course.

Pictures of Dymock and Newent, Gloucestershire added to the Hodge branch page here.

Eliza Cocks was buried at Ashton under Lyne (died in Rochdale) - see this page (though no further info). After holiday break, more work should appear here soon.

Will of Edward Maister of 1582 is here.

Will of Elizabeth Stilwell added here (mother of John). Some tidying up of Stilwell line is needed. Agnes Bowlsham is NOT wife of John Stilwell sen, but this Elizabeth who may be another Heath.

Will of John Stilwell of Thursley 1659 added here.

It appears that the connection of the Berryman family to the Varndens is through William Varnden jun's wife Sarah Wapshot. Her parents were Richard Wapshot and Susanna Berriman, married at Merton and Susanna was baptised at Merton 1741 to Thomas and Jane. Hopes that this link would help to trace the Varnden family have now failed.

Will of John Lees of Alt Hill 1674 added here

Grace Savill's baptism found Huddersfield 1654, father George.

William Cole will of 1589 added here.

John Cole (half brother to Roger Cole) will added here

Magdalen Maister's will added here.

Brewster page added here, and Neesham page added here. Cole family page added here.

John Brewster's (1605) will added here.

Thomas Neesham's marriage was found in 1628 at St Martin's Vintry to Catalina Johnson. After some further work it appears she must have been a widow nee Cole. Roger Cole leaves in his will written 1626 'to my daughter Catalina Johnson'. Pedigrees exist based on the 1623 Visitation of Surrey, which suggest that Catalina's grandmother was Catalina de Gallegos, daughter of Ferdinando de Gallegos of Spain, Further information to be added.

Katherine Brewster's will of 1617 added here

Thomas Neesham's will added here and his wife Catalina's here

Rev. Jonathan Catlow's will added here.

Will of Edward Brewster 1674 apothecary and Citizen of London added here. (Father of Catalina Brewster who married John Pickford of Ashton under Lyne in Bromley in 1692). He was born in Gloucester, though lived in Ludgate, London, and Bromley, Kent.

Robert Wood's baptism has been found to be incorrect. Though he was baptised in 1768, he also died that year. The correct Robert was found baptised at Hyde Presbyterian in 1761 to Thomas Wood and Alice (nee Wild). Main work on this branch has now been done may be seen here. Thomas Wild's Will of 1747 is here, the inventory here, and his father Henry Wild's will of 1726 is here. Thomas Turner's will of 1608 is here - this is the proof that he is father of William Turner.

William Hodges will of 1676 added here.

Hester Bisley's will added here. This Hester was cousin's daughter of Hester nee Bisley wife of Joseph Pierce.

It was found from his Army records that Thomas Edward Bishop emigrated via Canada to San Francisco. Further information including his family on his page here.

Will of David Edis of Elton Hunts 1659 added here.

Jane Constable and her ancestry added to Trigg page here. John Margesson's will is here- his wife Margaret's is here and Thomas and Margaret Constable's wills PCC wills also added. THomas and Margaret's wills confirm without doubt that their daughter is Jane Trigge.

Will of John Trigg (Grocer 1736) added here.

Pages detailing latest research on Wood and Hallworth families added.

Will of John Hallworth Collier of Norbury 1832 added here.

Will of Abraham Wood of 1772 in Stockport added here. He was a white limer. Further work going on on this line details to be further added.

It appears that Henry Trigge the tallow chandler married Joane (Jane) Cunstable in 1645 in Ockley. Familysearch has this marriage as Henry Briggs. See here.

James Pickford (born 1585) was son James and  Margaret Hollynshed. See here. Also picture of memorial brass to John Morewood and Grace added on this page.

Picture of Mary Bond now on here

George Bowker Cocks, his wife Mary Bond Cocks, and daughter Eliza Cocks were all apparently buried at St Lawrence's Denton. Despite the lack of burial records for any of them, and a death record for George, there are gravestone records held by Tameside Archives, see here.

Wills of William Varnden 1861, Sophia Varnden 1874, and George Jackson 1879 added.

Holmes family traced two generations further back in Droitwich, see here.

Additional Clock for James Douglas (ca 1733-1805) added here.

Some broken external links fixed.

Some corrections and further information made to George Whateley Holmes family page here, especially regarding his son George and some burial information. Also George's widow Mary Jane's (nee Doak) death and burial information now on see here.

Brief list of Counties covered now included here.

Hannah Taylor in the Hodge branch now traced back further in Newent and Dymock. See Hodge Branch. William Hodges will now added and a link to John Hodges will of 1658 also added. Also more ancestry than on previous versions. Biography of Edward Taylor added - pages need some work.

Sarah Webster's ancestry at St Ives and Bluntisham cum Earith, Hunts are now here.

Betty Smith's ancestry furthered (Betty Smith mother of Mary Leah and grandmother of James Leah)

Some information to be put here.

John Clark 1849 will here and page for the chancery case papers see here.

Significant results from latest visits to Berks Record Office. Especially that Stephen Terry and Avis Browne are parents of Hester Terry. Stephen attended Caius College Cambridge, and it appears that the advowson of Warfield was part of his marriage settlement. His father was John Terry, citizen and goldsmith of London, though the Terry family originated from Long Sutton in Hampshire (from marriage settlement of Stephen Terry) Stephen went to Caius College Cambridge and his father was John Terry a goldsmith and citizen of London buried at Totteridge near Barnet.

        William Cross 1701 will now on here

        Elenor Cross his widow 1705 will now here.

        Avis Terry 1678 will now here Inventory here

        Stephen Terry 1678 will now here and Inventory here.

        John and Stephen Terry Indenture of purchase of Advowson here

        John Terry gift of (half share of) Advowson to Stephen Terry 1635 here.

        Some Boyce inventories and Terry page to come - for now see the Boyce branch page.

        There are some Terry pedigrees on the internet from Long Sutton -but these seem confusing and are under review

        Terry Family documents are now accessible on one page here.

        Account of the descent through the Terry family now here.

        William Boyce Admon now on here - quality is v poor

        William Boyce Inventory here - incomplete

Ramsey Court Roll corrected hyperlink on documents page.

Joseph Milton Will of 1764 added - I had this some time but omitted here by mistake.

Feet of fines added here showing the purchase by John and Stephen Terry of the advowson of Warfield.

Ellin Swinlehurst's parents found see here. The Swindlehurst website is a useful resource.

Burial of John Lee found. His death was known to be in June quarter 1878 in Hayfield district. The burial found was at Tintwhistle (Cheshire) on 8th June 1878 and abode given as Hadfield (Derbyshire).

Benjamin Pullen died in Worcester Union Workhouse and was buried at St Clement's. No other details, see here.

Feet of fines of Stephen and John Terry buying advowson of Warfield obtained to be trascribed and translated

John Bond will of 1806 added here.

Further work on the Arnsby and Connington lines in the Wyman/Arnsby ancestry see here.

Extra clocks added to Clarke page here and the middle James Douglass page here.

Jane Hall's ancestry taken a little further - parents Joseph Hall and Molly Sikes (also know as Mary or Mally/Malley) See here.

Samuel Knight will obtained, transcription is here.

James Pickford of Macclesfield 1666 will added here.

Added a tentative further Bond ancestry here.

Some links on the Documents page fixed.

Jane Trigg's 1679 will added here.

There were three suicides in the Clarke family. As well as Mary Jane, mentioned below, George Staffurth Clarke (a hairdresser) cut his throat with a razor in London, depressed at the death of his only son. The newspaper report mentions that his brother committed suicide in a similar manner three years earlier. This must be William Clarke, who died in Willingham, Cambridgeshire. See here.

Thanks to a descendant Albert Douglas's wife Margaret identified -see here.

Ella Wallace nee Dagwell and some children found in 1940 US Census see here.

Added a picture of Mill Brow Independent Chapel to the Booth page here.

Added details of newspaper reports of stealing food in the Pullens. It appears they were exceptionally poor. See here.

Confirmed the sad details that Mary Jane Clarke (of Oundle) hung herself from an apple tree in her sister Clara Maria Douglas’s garden at Egham.

Added picture of Hyde Presbyterian Chapel aka Gee Cross Unitarian Church on Hyde Picture page here.

Several Surrey Wills added see here

A CD of parish records for Elton has taken the Edis line back two further generations. See brief details here.

A death duty record has allayed doubts that John Bond was father of  Richard, and showed that he had a brother Henry. There is still a will to be obtained.

Added a picture of Manchester Cathedral on the Denton Page (as many Denton people married there), and a picture of Hyde Presbyterian Chapel on the Christopher Leah page.

My great great great grandfather Thomas Pullen was convicted on leaving his wife - family obviously very poor! My great great grandfather Benjamin Pullen aged 12 was convicted with his 14 year old elder brother Thomas for housebreaking. Thomas at age 16 was convicted of stealing some potatoes and sentenced to transportation for 7 years, he did not return and had a family in Tasmania. Page to follow.

After visit to Berkshire record office will of Esther Boyce see here shows her to be mother of John Boyce. See here for discussion.

Wills added for George Denyer, died 1608 and George Denyer died 1710, see here.

Extra clock picture for James Douglas 1765-1835 at this page, and James Douglas ca 1730-1805 here.

Shocking find that Joseph Pierce was murdered on 23rd February 1781 at Colnbrook Turnpike House. See here.

Warwickshire records on Ancestry and Familysearch are again helping research into the Woodward/Wise lines see here. but work still in progress.

Further descendants found of George Whateley Holmes’s son Edwin John Holmes see here in New South Wales.

Article found about George Whateley Holmes at the time he was the Mayor of Armidale, see here

Nancy Bowker’s father George Bowker married Mary Shepley in 1764 in Glossop, Derbyshire. He was of Manchester parish and she Glossop. However have not traced either further back.

William Wise’s will has been obtained and a transcript may be seen here.

It appears Richard Bond’s death in 1821 merited an Inquest. It has now been found that (Manchester Guardian) he died (14th March 1821) as a consequence of falling off his horse the previous night. See new Richard Bond page.

A further expansion to the ancestry of Elizabeth Woodwards see here thanks to a marriage search by the BMGHS.

It appears John Pierce was a Mantua maker see here.

A  comprehensive review of the ancestors of Ann Lee has led to much new, see here.

New records on Familysearch have expanded the ancestors or Elizabeth Woodwards, see here.

Many West Yorkshire parish records are now online on Ancestry. Further work and re-evaluation of existing trees is going on. See here.

Ella Dagwell marriage and family details added here.

William Varnden was the nephew of Ann Berryman see here for new Varnden research page.

Added photo of St Marylebone’s Church on James Douglas and Martha Ann Boyce page here

William Bond’s death has been found. Some updated details to his family are listed here.

Henry Trigg junior’s marriage to Temperance Finch found in Holy Trinity Minories, Stepney (both of Dorking).

Mary Cook and her siblings were born (and lived) in Scar Fold, Holmfirth, the same street in Holmfirth as used for Nora Batty’s and Compo’s houses.  See here.

A page has been added of mainly churches in the Holmfirth area here.

George and Sally Jackson’s gravestone located in Dodworth St John’s. See here.

George Lee’s (father of John Lee) death was actually 1862 and he was buried in St John the Evangelist, Upperthong. See here

Mary Jane Clarke’s death was at 77 High Street Egham in 1920. Need to find a newspaper report to see if this was suicide. See here.

John Donaldson and Elizabeth Boyce Donaldson nee Douglas were both buried at Linch, Sussex, see here.

William Henry Pullen and Lucy and Holmes had a son before William Henry Pullen jun called Frederick William Pullen, who died young. See here.

Christopher Leah died at Stockport Workhouse on 5th February 1896, and his sister Elizabeth the next year. Added to Christopher’s page here.

Added Photos of St Mary’s :Langley and St Thomas Colnbrook on the Pierce page here. Photo of St Laurence’s Upton will follow.

It appears I had Nancy  Bowker’s ancestry probably wrong. More to come here.

Added Photo of St John the Baptist Godley, where Mary Bond Cocks was baptised and Christopher Hall Leah was buried. See here.

George Jackson and Sally Jackson dates, places and causes of death added here.

Wyman ancestry page updated here.

George Jackson burial found on 8th June 1879 at St John the Baptist, Dodworth

Extra progress in the Boyce branch.

George Cocks christening record found under the name Cox, this was at St George’s Hyde and shows he was born 27th January 1875. See here.

More work being done on Holmes and Whateleys in Birmingham but no breakthrough as yet.

More photos of Alex Griffin the musician see here.

More details of offspring of John Donaldson b1864 here - contact me if you need more.

A Chancery case involving the surviving Clarke brothers Charles, Staffurth &  John in 1869, about Staffurth senior’s brother John Clarke’s will from 1849, has illuminated many of the missing family details. William Clarke is now know to have died in December 1862 in Willingham and was buried in January 1863. He was married to Charlotte. George Staffurth Clarke died in 1865 having two small daughters, Ada Louisa and Lizzy Kate. Both widows remarried. See here for updated family, more details on the Chancery case to be entered later.

George Cocks found to be in Multan (modern day Pakistan) in 1st Battalion Lancs Fusiliers in 1911 see here.

Obituary of George Jackson Williams (his grandson) added to George Jackson’s page here.

Resolving a number of problems after relocation of website

Ann Lee married William Aldous on 8th July 1866 at St Michael’s, Ashton-under-Lyne (previously only had quarter), per BVRI

Website relocated to successfully

Clarke line previously shown is in error. William Clark, father of Staffurth Clarke, was born in 1761 to John Clark and Jane Staffurth. This verified on a visit to Huntingdon RO, and newly opened Lambert line greatly expanded. See here.

Sally Jackson was buried in Dodworth 14th August 1872. However George was not buried there so his death is a mystery.

From a contact, more information about Frederick J Smith and Adelene nee Manness is known. See here and Winnipeg Free Press obituary here.

Baptisms for many of George Boyce Douglas & Frances’ children added here.

Back link added to most pages as above.

Now adding some pictures. Hyde in Cheshire.

Joshua Joyce Bakery picture corrected here. Also Pictures of Joshua Joyce and Mary’s graves here.

Family Histories of my grandparents, gt grandparents, gt gt grandparents and gt gt gt grandparents being added here. These are to be completed and fleshed out as much as knowledge permits.

Added a page showing the recent research to the Knight branch - ancestors off Ann Knight, mother of Mary Bond.

Edward Jackson family and career page added here. Funeral description in the Stockport Advertiser to be added.

There is a possible error in the Clarke tree - William Clarke’s father may not be Phillip Clarke, and his mother may be Jane Staffurth. I have checked this line, is very plausible, and looking for proof.

George Boyce Douglas - article in Lancet now complete here

Two more Feet of Fines added - Nicholas Denyer 1618 and Richard Joyce 1651 see documents.

All pdf’s updated. Note trees are now rather outdated

Joshua Joyce Feet of Fine land deal transcribed and translated from Latin here and Jane Trigg also.

It appears Trevor Hammerton was probably born Trevor Hobbins, and probably changed his name to his mother’s second married name.

John Lee born circa 1710 reviewed - it is clear his son George has several siblings before the date I was having John married. These siblings suggest marriage should be sought before 1738, and that it is actually Anne Crosland who married John. So George Lee(1781-1864)’s parents were first cousins. See this.

Some more clock descriptions added to Douglas watchmaker pages. Here, here, here and here!

Ancestors of Ann Lee expanded see here.

George Jackson was baptised 21.9.1831 at St Michael’s Macclesfield. He had two daughters called Mary, 1) b 1850, d 1851, and 2) b 1856, d before 1861

Caroline Emma Edwards’ son was Frederick James Edwards not usually known as Frederick Walter. He married Florence Gertrude Davies

Matthew Wyman was baptised 1738 in Thorpe Achurch to Robert Wyman and Anne (Brown). More to come

Picture of Ashton Old Hall added here (site of the School where Rev Jonathon Catlow taught)

Several more items of new information being added from Egham and Chertsey Museums and pictures of the buildings. More details on John Pierce Boyce senior’s Chertsey Chemist’s business here, including a picture (more to follow), and a picture of William Boyce Douglas Egham Chemist’s (still a Chemist now and was once the Simmonds bakery that Archibald Douglas took over for a while). The Chertsey business was later take over by George Boyce. A picture of James Douglas of Egham’s clock here.

Also an account of The reminiscences of Miss Boyce’ by Ethel Boyce may be added.

Pages added about the Holmes Emigrations and Ships they Crossed with.

A few more photos added on Ted Edwards and George William Edwards pages.

George Whateley Holmes Gravestone added to his page here.

Mary Douglas was victim of an assault and attempted robbery see here

Joshua Joyce’s bakery in 1700 was definitely located in what is now Godalming Museum see here

Marriage of John Arnsby to Susannah Palmer found - it was 1741 is Cotterstock, which is not far out of Oundle.

A fantastic week for contacting distant cousins. I contacted my Canadian cousins this week, descendants of Emma Smith née Edwards. Also descendants of George Cocks’ illegitimate daughter, Edith, who is still alive.

Mary Milton’s mother was Mary Cross, she married Benjamin Milton at Clewer by licence, though neither has been traced back. Licence is not is in Sarum marriage licences.

James Douglas property was at 111-113 Guildford Street, 57 feet from the King’s Head boundary. Douglas’s were there between 1770 and 1828. See page here

James Sallowbanks married 1) Mary Smalley 1719 in Yaxley and 2) Mary Arbor 1724 in Holme

This website has a Photo of Fernhill House, where Edward Jackson lived as Manager of Lingard Lane Pits for the Bredbury Colliery Co.

Photo of Hucksholt farm added to Donaldson page here

Document added about land left to William Clarke by Ann Toseland née Staffurth may hint at the Staffurth name in the Clarke family here

Though a contact on Genes Reunited, Ann Hodges who married Isaac Pullen found to be aka Nancy Hodges from Dymock in Gloucestershire. Her father William Hodges’ will mentions his daughter Nancy the wife of Isaac Pullen. The family was from Dymock right from the start of parish records in 1538.

Map added, which at present indicates mainly birthplaces of direct ancestors here.

Page on the Huntingdonshire ancestors of Staffurth Clarke started here.

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