William Boyce of Warfield Administration 1647



N. B. This document is in very poor condition and the hadwriting is a scrawl so the transcription is limited. Words in italics are semi-guesswork


The Condicon at y? within written Obligacon as such Testamt ?  ? ?acon at all and ?  ?  ? goods?

? ? William Boyce ? ? his heirs of Warefeild ? ye Archdeaconry of Berks yeoman lately de-

ceased intestate by (ye or yr) authority ? ? within named ? is ? and committed unto ye within named ?all in-

gated  ?ted unto ye within bounden Edith Boyce ye relict ? widdow of ye deceased ? theirfor

ye sd Edith Boyce make or cau to be made a true and pfect Invrie of all and singular the ye sd goods and ?

? chatteles of ye ? deceased ? same Invenrie cor?ed doe exhibit in ye Register of ye ? ?

upon or before ye first day next ensuing ye dat of ye sd within written obligacon  And further mor

? well & truly administer Est to ?ay doe pay sd debts of ? ? wch at the time of his decease he

owed ? far? Firstly as ye said goods credits ? chattels will ? unto ?end  ?  ? law large bin? And

?  ?  And further doe make or cau to be made unto ? th? first day ?  butt ?  ?  ?  ?  ?

in? important Judge for sd time being of yr sd Court a true and Just Accompt of ?  upon  ? said opinion at or

before ye first day of May next after ? having ye said date ? said obligacon to such pt and porcon of ye residue of

ye sd goods creditts and chattels of ye sd deceased  ?  ?  as ?  ?  due from such said Accompt

?  ex? ?  all? des? b? to dispose pay or deliver as by ye assertion of ye within named officiall

? comp shul? Judge for yr h? being of ye sd Court shall be ?ne??ed assigned & appont?ed And also ?  ?

? being f? hereafter ? shall ? appeare my lawfull Testament or last will made or declared by ye sd deceased as

???ing from hereafter  ?  shall appear any lawfull Testament of last will, made or declare by ye sd deceased

Will into ye sd vest of ye sd Archdeacon making proper to  have ? paid & appraised ? doe forme

?hen if ye sd Administration ? ?eally after Richard made or ? to her lawfully ? shall

? doe surrender ? ? ? unto ye said Court w? s? t?s the Admon to hir the said Administrat com other

? or made without ? further  And lastly doe and at all times ??? lest a keepe

?  ? with named Official ? Extors admtors deputie or Surrogate & assignes and are

 ?  ?  ?   of ye said Court allways & at all times against & against all manner of ?

  ?  ?  having er Elson Agr? better eight tills interest claims or demands ?  ?

?  at ye sd  goods ? debts and Chattels onely ? said deceased of ye said deceased for ?ing or consulting ? ?

Admon ?  ?  Edith Boyce her ? sd Obligacon to be now or else to ?  ?  ? full

?  ?  ?  ?  ?


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