William Bond and Ann Knight - my great great great grandparents


William Bond was born on 15th April 1784 in Denton, Lancashire, and baptised on 4th July 1784 at St Lawrence’s Denton. His parents were Richard Bond, a hat manufacturer of Denton, and Mary Lowe, daughter of John Lowe. Ann Knight was born on 8th November 1786 in Denton, and baptised at St Lawrence’s on 10th December 1786. Her parents were George Knight and Ann Bowker.

William and Ann were married on 2nd October 1803 at Manchester Cathedral. William followed in the family business of hat manufacture, in 1816 trading as Bond and Sons, and in 1835 this business was located in Broom Lane, Denton, which is now known as Hyde Lane. The family lived in Haughton at least from 1808-1810, and Denton 1812-1825. William was buried on 19th April 1836 at St Lawrence’s Denton, but Ann’s burial has not been found .

Their children were as follows: -

George Knight Bond was born on 15th March 1808 at Haughton, and baptised on 15th May 1808 at St Lawrence’s Denton. He was buried on 29th April 1813 at St Lawrence's.

Mary Bond, my great great grandmother, was born on 24th May 1810 at Haughton, and baptised at St Lawrence’s on 1st July 1810. She married George Bowker Cock on 6th July 1835 at Manchester Cathedral. They had 8 children, see here.  George had various jobs. George died between 1861 and 1871, and Mary died in June quarter 1898 in Hyde subdistrict. Note that by 1851 the family added an s’ to the surname to become Cocks.

Richard Bond was born on 25th July 1812 at Haughton and was baptised at St Lawrence’s Denton on 20th August 1812. He was buried on 9th March 1837 at St Lawrence’s.

Lettenby Bond was born on 5th May 1815 at Denton and was baptised on 19th March 1815 at St Lawrence’s Denton. He was buried on 27th April 1816 at St Lawrence’s.

Ann Knight Bond was born on 5th April 1817 at Denton and was baptised on 4th May at St Lawrence’s. She married John Keen, a tile cutter from Yorkshire on 12th September 1842 at Manchester Cathedral. They lived at Ecclesfield in Yorkshire. They had 6 children, John Keen, born December 1847, Tom Keen born about June 1850, William Keen, born September 1852, Richard Bond Keen born January 1855, Ann Knight Keen, born January 1857, and Ellen Keen born June 1861.  John died in October quarter 1878 in Wortley district, and was buried at St Mary's Ecclesfield, and Ann died in July quarter 1887 also in Wortley district, and was buried on 13th September 1887 also at St Mary’s Ecclesfield.

Ellen Bond was born on 18th February 1824 in Denton, and was baptised on 25th April 1824 at St Lawrence’s. She was not seen after this.


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