Watchmakers in the Douglas Family



There are four Douglases and quite a number of Clarkes in the family history who were watchmakers. On the Jackson side Frederick, Anthony and William Hobbins (William was first husband of Sarah Aldous) were watch repairers. Samuel H Holmes in New York was a watch case maker at one stage.


James Douglas of Egham 1806-1879, (born Chertsey) including pictures of his work, and his father                                                                               

James Douglass of Chertsey 1765-1835,  including pictures of his work and his father                  Where were the Chertsey Businesses located?

James Douglass of Chertsey abt 1736-1805 includes pictures of his work

Charles James Douglas b Egham lived in Oundle, 1885-1968


Staffurth Clarke  b Warboys lived in Oundle, 1827-1887, also his brothers

William Clarke b Warboys lived St Ives Oundle and Willingham (Cambs), 1817-1862 (committed suicide by cutting his throat) and

John Clarke b St Ives 1831-aft 1881 Watchmaker of Willingham, Ramsey, Earith and Watchmaker and Hairdresser in Humberstone, Leicestershire and

Charles Clarke b Warboys lived in St Ives, 1823-1891

    Staffurth Clarke’s sons (all b Oundle)

George Wyman Clarke 1854-1930 worked in Oundle

William Staffurth Clarke 1856-aft 1901 did not remain in watchmaking. Shown as a watchmaker at the Oundle business in 1881, he is later a groom and horse driver. A business in the name of William Staffurth Clarke in King’s Cliffe, was probably a branch run by his cousin of the same name

Arthur Robert Clarke 1870-1952 worked in Winchester, Hampshire

   Charles Clarke’s sons

William Staffurth Clarke b St Ives 1851-1907 , worked in Chatteris Cambs,  (maybe had a branch in King's Cliffe)

        also his son Harold Staffurth Clarke b Chatteris 1875-1961

Charles F Clarke b St Ives 1856 a watchmaker in St Ives until at least 1910


Crime Watches and Clocks seem to attract Crime - See this page


Some James Douglass Clocks not attributed to a particular individual

William Clarke sen above was admitted to Northampton Asylum

            At a special hearing before two Oundle magistrates, the Rev R M Boultbee and J W Smith, on 26 December 1846, an order was made for William Clarke to be admitted into Northampton asylum:338 .338 Wm. Clarke, of Oundle, watchmaker, having been taken into custody as an insane person, Mr. Martin, surgeon, was examined as to his sanity, when he certified that he was insane, and an order was made for his removal to the Northampton Lunatic Asylum.


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