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I was first aware of the Triggs when researching land owned by William Chitty near the former paper mill at Catteshull near Godalming. There was mention of land inherited from Uncle Trigg. A visit to Godalming Museum increased my knowledge of this part of the family. At this time Jane Denyer’s parents found to be George Denyer and Elizabeth.

A sudden spurt of activity was generated by the release on British Origins of some abstracts of Surrey wills.

William Chitty’s (1741) confirms land was left to him by uncle Trigg.

The next will related to above bequests of Jane Trigg (1679) of Dorking, who leaves bequests to son John Trigg, also to son-in law George Dennyer, and refers to Elizabeth Dennyer as daughter.

John Trigg’s (of Southwark, 1736) own will refers to his niece Jane Chitty wife of William Chitty. Marriage and baptismal records lead to Jane Trigg’s husband as Henry Trigg, a tallowchandler. It has now been found that Jane is Joane or Jeane Cunstable as Jeane married a Henry Trigge or Briggs at Ockley in 1645. See foot of the page for the latest.

Henry Trigg’s PCC will (1671), online at Surrey Wills plus confirms him as father of Edward Trigg, with wife Jane (unknown maiden name). His father is Edward Trigg. Edward’s own will (1628) was found, as a non-cupative or spoken will.

Additionally Henry Trigg jun has a will in 1683, which from the extract seems unremarkable, yet apparently leads to two Chancery disputes of Trigg v Denyer, and one by Temperance Trigg , who took out a case against John Trigg. Full details are shown here of Trigg v Trigg. Trigg v Denyer later.

Another later find is that the inventory for his father’s 1671 will survives in the  National Archives, see here. However a much more complete and very long inventory for his widow Jane is to be found in the Chancery documents, presumable the inventory of the shop, including dozens of pairs of hose (socks), tennis balls (this would be Real Tennis!) , stomachers, spices etc. This will be posted here (eventually).

One thing missing in the Trigg tree is marriages. George Denyer's marriage to Elizabeth Trigg is only known from a will, (it must have been about 1671), Henry Trigg's marriage to Jane has not been found, must be circa 1644, and again Henry's father Edward's marriage to Elizabeth circa 1622. In addition, and not in my direct line Henry Trigg junior's marriage to Temperance was later found in Stepney (with both parties from Dorking!), though her remarriage to Richard Smyther was in Dorking.

George Denyer’s parents were know to be Henry Denyer and Jane. A London marriage bond has been located giving marriage of:-

Henry Denyer of Godlyman, Surrey, age over 32, maltster and a bachelor, and Jane Bicknall age over 30 of St Andrew Hubbard, Eastcheap, London. to be married at St Andrew Eastcheap. This narrows down Henry’s age so his parents can be deduced to be Nicholas Denyer and Jane. Jane can found to be another Chitty (my third Chitty branch), they married in 5th Oct 1592 in Godalming.

A will gives Nicholas’s father as Edward Denyer, who died abt 1628. Again most of the Denyers in my direct line left wills.

Now Jane Bicknall/Bicknold is actually from Godalming, despite the London marriage.  Jane was daughter of George Denyer and Jane Stedman, and George entered into some legal documents with Henry. George Denyer married on 31.1.1594 at Bramley, though apparently no children were born until 1603, Jane was baptised in 1608. Also Henry Denyer appoints as overseer his friend George Bicknold of Wyke. Additionally George Bicknold of Catteshall has George Bignold as a witness for his will and John Stedman names George Bicknold as his father in law in his (John's) will.

After Jane Trigg's death in around 1680 (burial not found, date from the will), her son Henry Trigg Junior died in 1683. Henry's widow Temperance, whose maiden name is now known to be Finch, took legal action over Jane's will on three occasions. The last was after her remarriage to Richard Smither (or Smyther) in 1685

  1. In 1682 Temperance Trigg sued George Denyer (her late husband's brother in law)

  2. In 1683 Temperance Trigg sued John Trigg, her late husband's brother.

  3. In 1685 Richard Smither and Termperance Smither sued George Denyer


Jane Denyer Ancestors (pdf) Updated 29.9.14

A marriage has been found at Ockley on 15th October 1645 between Henry Trigge and Joane or Jeane Cunstable. It looks likely that this must be Jeane (as a variant of Jane), and she was daughter of Thomas Constable of Ockley Court, Ockley. She was the youngest of 10 (though 3 died in infancy). Thomas Constable married Margaret Margesson on 20th April 1600 at Ockley. Thomas died in 1651 and Margaret in 1652 at Ockley Court. Margaret was daughter of John Margesson and Margaret Bixley. Margaret was baptised on 7th May 1577 at Ockley. John and Margaret married on the 12th October 1572 at Ockley. John died there in 1625 and Margaret in 1628.

John Margesson's will is here, and Margaret's will is here.

I am commencing a page on the Constable & Margesson family here


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