Tobacconists in the Douglas Family


James Douglas

Jamesís tobacconists opened in Fleet Street, Torquay, Devon on 1.11.1863. By 1881 he was in the Strand , where the business remained until at least 1914, when James would be 77. A second business opened between 1891 and 1901 in Victoria Parade, Torquay, which  in 1911 was also acting as an agent for a Haulage and Carriers. This business was run by Jamesís son George Reginald Douglas, at least until 1911.

James claimed to be the first specialist tobacconist in Torquay, previously tobacco being sold by chemists or other shops.

It is not clear if this is really true. The shop also sold fireworks. See details of James here

Advert from Torquay Programme for Queen Victoriaís Golden Jubilee 1887

The shop is listed still in telephone directories 1926-1934 as J. Douglas & Son Cigar Importers, 7 Victoria Parade


George Douglas

George Reginald Douglas has his own shop under the name Reginald Douglas at 1914 in 5a The Strand. George died in 1936 in Brimingham.

Frederick Douglas

His bakerís seems to have initially been a tobacconists, or both, but this is not mentioned anywhere after 1882. Apparently the first children of the family were born at this shop which was at the far end of Egham High Street from the bakers, on the left past Strode's School. See the bakerís page, a photo shows a shop with a Gold Flake advert in the window. His father James was also once referred to as a tobacconist.


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