Will of Thomas Turner of Bredbury Husbandman 1608


In the name of God Amen The Sixte daye of Februarye In the Yeare of our Lord God one Thousand Sixe

Hundred and Fyve And in the Yeare of the Raigne of oure Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of God of England France and Ireland

Kinge defender of the faythe &c The Third And of Scotland the Nyne and thirteeth I Thomas Turner of Bredburye in the

Countye of Chester Husbandman beinge troubled with weaknes and infirmitye of bodye, but of sounde and p[er]fecte memorye (I prayse God) do

make and ordeyne this my laste will and Testamente in manner and forme followinge: That is to saye: Firste I comend my soule into the

hanndes of Almightye God my maker and Continuall preserver hopinge assuredlye throughe the onelye merites of Jesus Christe my

Savioure to be made p[ar]taker of lyfe everlastinge: And I Comend my bodye to the earthe whereonce yt as taken: And as for those goods w[hi]ch

the Lord in mercye hathe vouchsafed me my mynde and will ys That they shalbe disposed in suche force as hereafter followeth: Fyrste I give

and bequethe unto William Turner my sonne all my husbandrye ware over and besydes his Childes parte and portion of my goodes: Item I

give and bequethe unto Thomas Turner my sonne in lyke manner theise p[ar]cells hereafter specifyed, over and above his Childes parte and

portion of my sayd goodes: namelye Fourtye Shillinges of lawfull Englishe money: The Bed whiche I lye uppon: The greate brasse pan:

The best brasse pott: and one Pewter dishe standinge  the highest in the house: Item I give and bequethe unto John, Margarett, Jane Anne

and Katherine Turner the Children of the sayd Thomas Turner my sonne everye one of them Tenne shillinges. Item I give unto Elizabeth

Turner my daughter in lawe my Cloke: Item I give and bequeth unto Richard Turner my sonne Fourtye shillinges of lawfull money of

England. Item I give and bequethe unto Randull Benneson and Ellen his wyfe eyther of them Tenne shillings in goulds; and unto the

same Ellen one Cheste standinge att my bed syde: Item I give and bequeth unto everye one of my Godchildren Twelve pence. Item I

give unto the two children of my sonne Richard either of them Twelve pence. Item I give and bequethe unto William Turner and

Thomas Turner my sayd sonnes, and unto Thomas Turner sonne of the same William, every one of them, one Silver Spoone. Item

I give and bequethe unto William Turner my sayd sonne a furnace, a meale arke, a Malte arke, and a Steepekeere. The Residue of

all my goodes Cattells and debts after my funerall expenses p[er]formed and theise my legacies conteyned in this my present Testament fulfilled

I wholye give and bequethe unto my sayd twoe sonnes William Turner and Thomas Turner equallye to be devyded betweene them. And of this

my presente Testamente I make and ordayne William Turner my sayd sonne and Randull Benneson  afforesayd myne executoures: And I doe

hereby revoke and adnull all former wills whatsoever In wittnes whereof I have hereunto subscrybed my marke and sett my seale the daie and

yeare first above written.

                                        Theise being witnesses

                                        Raphe Arderm

                                        Tho: Simkin


There is another version which may be the same but with amendements - to be check also inventory to follow


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