Will of Thomas Constable of Ockley 1576



In dei no[m]i[n]e Amen the xxviith of marche in the yeare of ye lord one thousand five hundred seaventye syxe

I Thomas Constable of the p[ari]sh of Ockley in the Countey of Surrey beyng of p[er]fect mind & memory doe make this

my last will & testament in manner & forme followyng First I bequeve my soule into handes of Almightey god of whome

I trust to have forgivenes of all my synnes by the death & passyon of ye Savioure Jesus Christ And my bodey to be

buryed in the Churche yearde at Ockley. I geve & Bequeve to my mother one Cowe & 20s yerelye duringe her naturall

life out of the now dwellinge house of Robt peter of Standstreate & yf my said mother doe not like of this

& to abide & dwell w[i]th my wyefe but yf she be mynded to remaine & dwell w[i]th some of er (sic) other Children then I

will that she shall have the whole Rente of the foresaied house And Three Keine Also I geve & bequeve

unto John my Sonne all my lands in Ockley Also I geve to John Constable my Sonne when he doth come to thage

of one and twentey yeres xxL in money Item I geve and bequeve unto Thom[a]s Constable my Sonne all my lande

lyeinge in Rospar to him & his heires for ever And also I geve him xxL in money to be paied unto him at thage

of one & Twentey yeres Also yf yt please god to give my wiefe safe deliverance then I geve & bequeve unto ye

saied Child xxL in money to be paied at thage of thage of one and Twentey yeres and yf yt happen wyle of ye saied

Children to dye before they come to thage of one and Twentey yeres that then saied money equallye to be

devided amonge the saied Children that be lyvinge Item I geve to my brother Edmond Constable xL. Item I geve & bequeve

to my Sister Agnes Stere xL. Item I geve to my Sister Jhoan Stere xL Iyrm I geve vur? Raphe Peter one heefer of two yeres

old Item I geve to James Chelsom iiis iiid. Item i geve to Robert Stere xxd. Item I geve to John Cooke xxd. Item I geve

to Agnes Chasmore xiid. Item I geve to William Nytingale ye Clarke xiid. Item I geve to Wynifride Wilson xiid. Item I

geve to mother Stone xii d. Item I geve to mother Tickner xii d. Item I geve to mother Cooke xiid. Item I geve to John

Nye xiid.Item I geve to John lyfford xiid. William Nytingale the Sawyer xiid. Item to Edmond lipscombe xiid.

Item to Bicklers love xiid. Item to Brockas love xiid. Item to Willm Constable xiid. Item to Edward sonne xiid. Item

to Thomas lyfford xiid. Item I geve and Bequeve to evry one of my god childrem xiid apeece. Item to be bestowed in bread

Chese & drinke at my buryall I geve xs. Item I geve to the turning of the stone of ye Church 5s. Item I will

that my wyefe shall paie bak my mother fyftey pounds w[hi]ch was of agremet of my father will ? executorshippe and

certaine howsehold stuffe yt was agreed upon w[i]thin the space of one yere after my death All the Resydewe of my goods

unbequethed I geve & bequeve unto Jhoan my wife, whome I doe make my full Executrix in this my last will and

Testamet, payinge my debts and takinge my debts and she to have the Rents of my lands unbequethed to bring up my

Children well & honestlye tyll they come to age I doe make thoverseers of this my will and testament Ric Tydey of

Ockley, and John Stere of gages of Capel and I geve unto them for theire paines xs apece. Item I will all that

I have geven saving above named to be paied wthin one moneth after my buryall Also I will yt yf Jhoan my wiefe  doe

marye againe that then he yt shall so marye shalbe bound & suffyce[n]t suerties w[i]th him at the discretion of my

overseers before the daye of her maryage for the p[er]formance of this my last will & testame[n]t & yf he doe refuse to

be bound, then I will yt that my overseers shall take full powre and auctorytye to enter in and upon all my goods and

lands to take & straine for the paime[n]t of my legacies In witnes whereof I the saied Thomas Constable have caused

this my last will to be made & have sette my hande the daie & yere aforesaied in p[re]sence of Will Lawe  Curate John

peter John Margesson & set ecs



Probat fuit hu[iudm]o[d]i testamentu[m] cora[m] no[st]ra

Viro ? ltime dicti Officiali &c

xiii o  die mensis Aprilis 1576 iuram[en]to

Johanne eius Relict et Executricis &c

Cui  ? ? de bene et

iurat &c ? inde ?tuinscore &c




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