The Squirrel pub



John Boyce took over as landlord of The Squirrel some time between 1819 and 1828. He was described in 1819 in his fatherís will as late assistant to Rev Faithfull. Rev Faithfull ran a school at Warfield as well as being the Vicar, so it is not clear in which way John was assistant, it seems likely it was in the school.

William, son of John Boyce, was recorded in a newspaper article of 1842 here helping recapture a criminal. In this article the pub is referred to as The Green man and Squirrel. It was also referred to as the Green Man and Squirrel in an auction of 1824. It is now call Squirrels. The name may be a reference to a local tale of a witch who could supposedly change herself into a squirrel. This is very close to Cranbourne Hall, where the school was located.

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