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Robert Terry

(abt. 1490 – before 1567)

The earliest known Terry is Robert Terry, who was born about 1490, probably in or near the Manor of Crondall, Hampshire, England and who died before 1567 in the Manor of Crondall, Hampshire, England. He was my 1X great grandfather. Almost nothing is known about him. The only record known to reference this Robert Terry is the Crondall Customary of 1567 within which there is a reference to certain lands having been transferred from Robert Terry to his son Richard.


Richard Terry

(abt. 1510 – abt. 1570)

Richard Terry was born about 1510, probably in or near Long Sutton, Hampshire, England and probably died about 1570 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England. He was my 11 X great grandfather. Little is known about him. He was a significant landholder in the Manor of Crondall at the time of the Customary (1567), within which we find references to him; firstly regarding land he inherited from his father Robert Terry, and secondly regarding land that he surrendered to his sons John and Stephen


Stephen Terry

(1529 - abt. 1607)

Stephen Terry was probably born in 1529 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England, son of Richard Terry. He was my 10 X great grandfather. Stephen Terry was a substantial landowner in the Hundred and Manor of Crondall, and one of its wealthiest men. According to the Customary of 1568, only four men in the whole of the Hundred and Manor of Crondall paid more taxes than he did.

He married Alice Cannar (or Connor) in 1555 at South Warnborough, England. Alice Cannar was born at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England in about 1533, and died at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England in 1588. The chronology of births strongly suggests additional female children who have not been identified (although none are mentioned in their father’s will, for which see here). The presence of two sons called John seems to have confused some researchers.

Stephen seems to have built or acquired Hydegate House in Long Sutton, Hampshire in about 1571, this is still standing.

Stephen and Alice's children as follows: -

1. John Terry, the elder (born 1555 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England; died 10 May 1625 at Stockton, Wiltshire, England) married Mary Whyte (or White, born abt. 1570 at Stanton, St. John, Oxfordshire, England; d. 17 October 1637 in Dorchester, Dorset, England) in 1591 at Stockton, Wiltshire, England. He was known as “the elder” because he had a younger brother, also named John, who survived into adulthood. John attended Winchester, and was a fellow at New College, Oxford in 1576, obtaining his B.A. Nov. 12th, 1578, and M.A. Jun. 15th, 1582. Appointed Rector of Stockton, Wiltshire in 1589, serving until his death. In 1591 at Stockton, Wiltshire, England John married Mary Whyte, a daughter of John White (born abt 1550, died 20 September 1616) and Isabel (Elizabeth) Bawle (born 1552, died 30 September 1601), and sister of the Rev. John White (1575-1648) rector of Holy Trinity and St. Peter's churches in Dorchester, Dorset who was one of the most prominent men to promote the Great Puritan Migration to New England in the 1630's. To the union of John Terry and Mary Whyte was born: Stephen (1592-1608), John (1594-1637), Josiah (1597-1667), Windsor (1599 – abt 1625), Hadley (1601-abt 1625), and Stephen (born 25 August 1608 in Stockton, Wiltshire, England; sailed to America in 1630 in the 'Mary & John' and settled first at Dorchester, Massachusetts where he is noted as a freeman 18 May 1631; returned to Symondsbury, Dorset, England to marry first Joan Hardy (born 12 July 1604 Stratton, Dorset, England; died 5th June 1647 Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut) on 13th March 1633; sailed from Weymouth 31st March 1633 aboard the 'Recovery of London'; settled at Windsor, Connecticut about 1636; married second Elizabeth (born 1593; died 11th August 1683) abt 1648, probably at Windsor; moved to Hadley, Massachusetts about 1660; member of First Troop of Cavalry; first constable of Hadley 1662; selectman 1667; died 16th September 1668; will dated Sep. 19th, 1668, and inventory taken Sep. 22nd, 1668.) Of Rev. John Terry, the elder, the Stockton parish register gives the following brief memoir:—
"John Terry, Rector of Stockton, was born in the year 1555 ' Familia eminenter ingcnua' at Sutton, near Odiham in Hampshire. He was the eldest son of his father, and was educated at Winchester, and took two degrees in arts at New College, Oxford, where he was a Fellow. He was ordained by John Pearce, Bishop of Sarum, and soon after became domestic chaplain to Thomas Cooper, Bishop of Winchester, who presented him to the Rectory of Stockton. He married Mary White of Stanton St. John near Oxford, by whom he had six sons, who all except the eldest, with his wife survived him. He died of an atrophy the 10th of May, 1625, and was buried by his own desire among the poor, in the churchyard, near to his own house, by Thomas Crockford, Vicar of Fisherton Delamere, after a sermon preached by John Antram, Minister of Langford, die Veneris 13th May, in his 70th year."


2. Roger Terry (born 1562 in Long Sutton, Hampshire, England; husbandman at Long Sutton; died 1600 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England) married Amee Woasfold (born abt 1560, probably at Long Sutton; died after 1607, probably at Long Sutton) at Long Sutton on 02 June 1578. To this union two daughters were born: Anne Terry (born abt 1580) and Amy Terry (born abt 1585).

3. Richard Terry (born 1566 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England; educated at Winchester and New College, Oxford; became Rector of Saham Toney, Wayland Hundred, Norfolk, England; died 1626 at Saham Toney, Wayland Hundred, Norfolk, England), never married and left no issue. On his death he willed his property in the manner as described by John Chalmers in “A General History of the County of Norfolk” published 1829:

“The Rectory manor, says Blomefield, has a good glebe, with a large convenient rectory-house joining to the west side of the churchyard. Mr. Richard Terry, rector here, at his death left the house furnished, and ordered it to go from successor to successor for ever. At first there were all manner of implements of husbandry as well as furniture, to about 200£ value at that time, but they are now reduced to only some pieces of plate and a few household goods, for which the rector gives security to leave them to his successors. He also gave a house and a piece of land to the parish clerk to ring the eight o'clock bell from Michaelmas to Lady-day. The house is now down, the land let at 3£ per annum, but the bell, continues Blomefield, is forgot to be rung. Mr. Terry's picture is still in the house, drawn Anno aet. sixty-two, Domini 1625 ; his arms are sable, a fess, or, between three swans, argent, motto UNI, VIROS UNA BEANS. He gave four acres of land for glebe to the rectory, and augmented the free school here, (which was founded in 1611, by Edward Goffe of Threxton, gent, who settled a house and land to the value of 10£ per annum on the master), with 10£ per annum more, which is the endowment of the present free school. The house stands a little distant from the east part of the churchyard, and the master lives in it and teaches school. “

4. James Terry (born 1567 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England; pewterer at Long Sutton; died 1622 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England) married Alse Anne Peacocke (born abt 1570, probably near Manor of Crondal, Hampshire, England) probably about 1590, probably in Manor of Crondall, Hampshire, England. Children were James, Elizabeth, and Susan.

5. Stephen Terry (born 1570 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England; probably died young.)

6. Thomas Terry (born 1571 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England; died 1655 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England) married Johan Waterfield (born abt 1575, probably in Manor of Crondall, Hampshire, England; died 1659 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England) 20 July 1596 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England. They had nine children: Stephen (born & died 1597), Agnes (born 1598), Stephen (born 1600; married Kathren; died 1689), Giles (born 1602), Thomas (born 1603), John (born 1605), Mary (born & died 1607), Michael (born 1608; married Joan Millingate; inherited Hydegate; wife inherited Millingate fortune; died 1643 of wounds sustained in defence of Alton on the side of the Parliamentarians opposed to the Royalists), James (born 1611; died 1681)

7. Alice Terry (born 1569 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England; died 1571 at Long Sutton, Hampshire, England.)

8. John Terry, the younger (born abt 1573 in Long Sutton, Hampshire, England) See below


John Terry, the younger

abt 1573-1637

He was born abt 1573 in Long Sutton, Hampshire, England and completed an apprenticeship with Richard Howe in London in 1595 as a goldsmith. He was my 9X great grandfather. He was a wealthy citizen and goldsmith of London, like other wealthy goldsmiths seemed to be involved in lending money as well. He owned property, for example the ferry and ferry house on the Island of Axholme. He was a Church Warden and Overseer of the Poor at St. Andrews, Totteridge, Hertfordshire. He died in May 1637 in London, England and was buried in St. Andrews, Totteridge, his will is here. He married Elizabeth Perepoint nee Gale , daughter of William Gale of London and widow of Thomas Perepoint in 1595. Elizabeth died in about 1654 in Bushey, Hertfordshire, and her will is here. Their children were with exceptions baptised in the parish of St Vedast, Foster Lane and St Michael le Querne, in the City of London.

They had the following children: -

1. William Terry christened 18 Aug 1596, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England, died about 1683.

2. John Terry, christened 17 May 1598, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England.

3. Elizabeth Terry, christened 1 Jul 1599, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England, buried 28 Jan 1600, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England

4. Mary Terry, christened 6 Jul 1600, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England

5. (Unknown) Terry, born 1601, bur. 6 Mar 1601, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England

6. Stephen Terry, b abt 1603 location unknown, died 1677 in Warfield, Berkshire. Married Avis Browne 3.7.1639 at Winkfield, Berkshire, had 7 children as below. Avis died 1677 in Warfield, Berkshire. Stephen was a Master of Arts from Caius College Cambridge and owned the Advowson of Warfield.

7. Susanna Terry, christened 6 Jan 1604, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England.

8. Bridget Terry, christened 22 Jan 1608, St. Vedast, Foster Lane and St. Michael le Querne, London, England.

Stephen Terry

abt 1603 - 1677

The whereabouts of Stephen's birth was unknown - apparently maybe not in the St Vedast parish. His marriage settlement among other documents refer to his being previously of Long Sutton, so maybe he was born there. He was my 8X great grandfather.

He was admitted to Caius College Cambridge on 4th June 1618 as a 'pensioner' (i.e. over 15) as son of John, goldsmith of St Botolph's, Aldersgate, London and had attended Saham Toney School in Norfolk under Mr Southis and Hardingham School under Mr Tylney. His BA was achieved in 1621-2 and his MA in 1625.

He was possibly admitted to Leyden on September 6th 1626, and was incorporated at Wadhams College Oxford in 1628.

He married Avis Browne of Winkfield, daughter of Thomas Browne and Avis Hatch, on 2rd July 1639 at Winkfield in Berkshire. His father John and he purchased the Advowson and property in Warfield in 1627-8, see here and here. John gave Stephen his half share in 1635, two years before John's death in 1637. Stephen's marriage settlement may be seen here. Stephen and Avis both wrote wills, Stephen giving his explicit permission, normally it would only be permissible for widows to leave wills. Both died in 1677, Stephen dying first. Both wills were proved in 1678. Stephens will is here with inventory here, and Avis's will is here with Inventory here. Stephen describes himself as a clerk. though I have been unable to find any clerical office he was involved in, his son John was described as a lay Rector, it is likely that Stephen had this role too. Stephen and Avis were both buried at Warfield in 1677 (date not visible).

Stephen and Avis had the following children that are known of (from wills), due to the gaps in the Warfield parish records, some may be missing. Fosr the same reason, there are no dates

Avis Terry married John Overton on 8th April 1683 at Warfield.

Elizabeth Terry

Hester Terry married George Boyce in Warfield in 1676. They had at least four children, George, John, William and Sarah. Hester died in 1730 in Winkfield and was buried there on 29th December 1730. She left a will, see here. George had already died in 1696, apparently in Warfield, only an inventory survives.

Sarah Terry married Benjamin Harding, but died and was buried in Winkfield, Berkshire on 21st March 1732/3.

John Terry was buried at Winkfield on 1st October 1685.He married an Elizabeth. They had at least one daughter Elizabeth

Hester Terry

abt 1655-1730

Hester married George Boyce a yeoman, and also of Warfield, in 1676 (Due to a tight binding, the date is not visible). She was my great X 7 grandmother. George died in about 1696 in Winkfield, but was maybe buried in Warfield. He left this inventory. Hester also died Winkfield in 1730, was buried there on 29th December 1730, and left this will (which incidentally was how I knew George and Hester/Esther were John's parents.

They had at least four children: -

George Boyce was born 3rd April 1688 in Warfield, was baptised there on 3rd May 1688.

John Boyce was born about 1680 probably in Warfield, my great X 6 grandfather, and died in 1740 in Winkfield. He married Judith Wright in 1714 at the Fleet prison in London. He had one son, John Boyce, born 1716 in Winkfield, who was ordained and became the second master of Winfield School. He died in 1772, and was my great X 5 grandfather. See further on the Boyce Page.

William Boyce was born on 3rd April 1688 and baptised there on 3rd May 1688.

Sarah Boyce was baptised on 5th August 1886 in Warfield, and married Benjamin Harding at unknown place and time. She was buried in Winkfield on the 21st March 1732/3


It has been possible, by using documents held and the Berkshire Record office under reference D/ERT 98 to establish that Stephen Terry who owned the Advowson of Warfield, was son of John Terry, citizen and Goldsmith of London. Furthermore Stephen was a Master of Arts at Caius College Cambridge, and was previously of Long Sutton Hampshire

Other documents were the transcriptions of wills, some were obtained from the (thorough) research of Steven Bogner and from the book English Founders of the Terry Family.  Note however that this book has errors in the genealogy.


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