Will of Stephen Terry of Long Sutton, Hampshire, 1605



IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the first daie of November in the yere of our Lorde God one Thowsande Sixe hundred and sixe and in the fourth yere of the Raigne of or moste gracious Sovraigne Lord James by the grace of God kynge of England France and Irelande defendr of the fayth etc. and of Scotlande the forteth I Stephen Terry of the pishe of Longsutton in the dioce of Winton and countie of Southt Yeoman beinge sicke in my body but of good and pfecte remembrance praysed be god, doe make and ordaine this my juste Testament and Last will in mann and forme followinge That is to saie firste and principallie I give bequeath and commend my Soule into the holye hircon' of the Almightie god my onely Creator and maker, throughe whose blessed death passion and glorious Resurrection I hope to have pfecte Remission and forgiveness of all my Synnes and to be excepted and Receaved amongste the holy and electe people of God in the blessed kyngdome of heaven and my body to be buryed in the earth from whence it came Itm I give unto the Cathedrall Church of Winton vs Itm I give towards the mainten'nce of my pische Churche of Longsutton aforesaid vjs viijd Itm I give to be distributed amongste the poore people there at my dep'tinge Sixe bushels of wheate Itm I give unto Stephen Terry theldest Sonne of John Terry my Sonne thelder two ewes to be indifferentlye taken by my overseers hereunder also named and by them deliv'ed to his father to his use wth in one moneth next aftr my deceasse. Itm I give unto the wife of John Terry the younger my Sonne one gold Rionge wth a Scale. ltm I give unto the eldest sonne of my said sonne John Terry the younger fortie shillings of Currante Englishe money the which sume of fortye shillings shalbe paied unto the said John Terry the younger his father to his use wthin one whole yere next aftr my deceasse, but the Ringe to be deliv'ed to his wyfe wthin one moneth next aftr my deceasse. Itm I give unto the wyfe of Jeames Terry my sonne one Gold Rynge which was my wyfes weddyinge Ringe. Itm I give unto Jeames Terry the Sonne of my said Sonne Jeames which is nowe dwellinge wth me the full sum of twentie pounds of good and Currante Englishe money to be paied unto the same Jeames, when he shall accomplishe his full age of twentie yeres by my Executor as is aforesaid. Itm I give unto Anne Terry the eldest daughter of my Sonne Roger Terry deceassed fyve pounds of currente Englishe money to be paid unto her when she shall accomplishe her full age of Eightene yeres or at the daie of her mariage which of them shall first happen. Itm I give unto Amy Terry sister of the said Anne, thre pounds sixe shillings and eight pence of Lawfull Englishe money to be apied unto her when she shall accomplishe her full age of eightene yeres or els at the daie of her manage which of them shall firste happen as is aforesaid. Itm I give unto ev'ie of my godchildren xijd a pece. All the Residue of all and singular my goods, Leasses cattell and Chattel whatsoev' as well moveable as unmoveable, not before gyven nor bequeathed, my debts Legacies, bequests and fun'all expencs firste discharged and paied I give whollie and altogether unto Thomas Terry my Sonne, which Thomas I make my full whole and sole Executor for the execucon hereof Also my will is thyat my Right trusty frends Jeames Wolridge of Lincolnes Inne Gent, John Wolridge his brother and John Terry my Sonne shalbe my overseers and to my better pformance of this my Laste will and they to have for thiere paines takinge in that behalfe xxs a pece. In witness whereof I the said Stephen Terry have sette my hand and seale in the pr'sence of those wytnesses whose names are here under wrytten That is to saie John Terry, Jeames Porter and John Eggar.
Stephen X Terry Witnesses: John Terry, Jeames Porter, John Eggar


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