Inventory of Stephen Terry of Warfield 1678




A true and Just Inventory of all goods and

Chattels of Steven Terry of ye pish of warfield

gent late deceased taken and prized by John

Boult and Richard Bowyer ye 13th day of

September Anno Dom 1677

            In ye Hall

Imprimis one table and Carpit one                    s        d

sid table and Chare and oneforme    }      01      06      08

            In ye parlour

Item one table and Carpit tenn           }

Chares a Cort Cubard and Carpit     }     03      10       04

a paire of tables a paire of andirnes   }

and a fire Shovle and tongs               }

            In ye Celer

Item three duzen of botles six            }

drink tubs three stands a litle             }      01      07       06

table wth other small things               }

            In ye kitchin

Item one table and forme two           }

Joyne stulls foure Chares one           }       01      18       06

Cushing a dusk and a litle                 }

Cubard with other things                  }

            In ye wash house

Item two brasse kitles one Cal-         }

darn one Brasse pott two Skilats       }

one Irne pott one Irne kitle two         }       05      01      00

pott hangers one paire of pott           }

hooks two tubbs and other small       }

things                                               }

        In ye Cheese presse house

Item one Cheese presse one powdering

trough a Malt Mill one wash              }

kiner four Cheese vats and a half       }        02     05     06

bushil with other things                      }

        In ye Cheese Chamber

Item one kiner tenn sacks some        }

meal Fiftie eight cheeses with            }         03     13    04

other lumber                                    }

        In ye Chamber over ye kitchin

Item one feather boulster                             00     10    00

Item one bed sted and Curtens        }

and valens and a Counter                }           03     00    00

pane and one blanket                      }

Item one Chest one litle table       

and a Carpit five Chares a pair        }

of andirnes and a looking glass        }           02     10    00

        In ye kitchin Chamber closet

Item glasses and other small things                01     00    00

        In ye Chamber

        at the stare head

Item one bed sted Curtains and       }

valence feather bed foure                }            04     00    00

boulsters and a rogg                        }

Item a Cort Cuberd two old

trunks four duzen of trenchers          }           00     13     08

        In ye Chamber over ye Parlour

Item a bed sted Curtens and            }

valence one feather bed two            }

feather boulsters six feather              }           05     00    00

pillows and rogg one blanket            }

Item a half-headed bed sted and one

truckle bed sted one feather bed

one feather boulster one feather


(I did not copy the end of this)


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