Court Roll of the Manor of Ramsey


The Manor of Ramsey}

with the members in the}  to wit the Thirtieth day of October

County of Huntingdon}     in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred

                                           and twenty


Be it remembered that on the day and year above written Stafford

Clark or Warboys in the County of Huntingdon Farmer a Customary Tenant of

the said Manor in Consideration of the Sum of One hundred Pounds to him in hand

paid by William Henry Fellowes hereinafter named at the time of passing this

Surrender the Receipt whereof is thereby acknowledged Did out of Court by the rod

According to the Custom of the said Manor surrender out of his hands into the hands

of the Lord of the said Manor by the hands and acceptance of William Flowers

Gentleman Steward of the said Manor All that Messuage or Tenement situate

near a certain place called the Green in Ramsey aforesaid and within and held of the

Manor aforesaid late the estate of William Clark deceased and heretofore the estate

of Ann the wife of William Toseland theretofore called Ann Staffurth Spinster and

is now in the Occupation of William Hicks and to which said Premises the said

Stafford Clark was admitted as the eldest Son and heir at Law of William Clark his

late Father deceased at a Court held for the said Manor the twelfth day of August

One thousand eight hundred and nineteen Together with All and Singular the

House Outhouses Edifices Barns Stables Buildings Yards Gardens Orchards

Hedges Ditches Fences Trees Ways Waters Watercourses Rights Members

Privileges and Appurtenances whatsoever to the said Messuage or Tenement

Hereby Surrendered or intended so to be belonging or in any wise appertaining and

the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Yearly and other Rents

Issues and Profits thereof And all the Estate Right Title Use Trust Benefit

Property Claim and Demand whatsoever of him the said Stafford Clark in to or out

of the same and every part and parcel thereof To the Use of such Person or

Persons and for such Estate or Estates Interest or Interests either absolutely

or Conditionally and charged and chargeable in such way and manner and for such

intents and purposes and in such parts shares and proportions manner and

form as William Henry Fellowes of Ramsey in the County of Huntingdon


and of Haverland in the County of Norfolk Esquire at an time or times and from time

to time during his life by any Deed or Deeds Writing or Writings with or without power of

Revocation to be by him Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of and attested by two or

more Credible Witnesses or by his last Will and Testament in Writing or any Writing

purporting or in the nature of his Will or any Codicil thereto to be by him Signed

and Published in the Presence of and attested by at three or more such Witnesses shall

direct limit or appoint of or concerning the same Premises or any of them or any part

thereof and in default of and until such direction limitation or appointment shall

be made and take effect and in any case such shall be made then subject thereto

And when and as the Estates or Interests to be so directted limited or appointed

Shall respectively end and determine and as to so much and such part or parts of

the said Hereditaments and Premises whereof no such direction limitation or

appointment shall be made To the Use of Owsley Rowsley of Saint Neots

in the said County of Huntingdon Esquire his Heirs and Assigns But In

trust nevertheless for the said William Henry Fellowes his heirs and

Assigns for ever according to the Custom of the said Manor

Surrendered and taken the day and                   }

Year first above written by the hands     } Stafford Clark

and acceptance of me                                       }

W Flowers



The document suggests that , though n will has been found, Ann Toseland left property to her nephew William Clark, son of John Clark and Jane Staffurth


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