Staffurth Clarke and Sophia Wyman - my great great grandparents



Staffurth Clarke (left), was born in approximately 1827 in Warboys, Huntingdonshire. He was baptised on 13th September 1829 at Warboys, but was described at the time as being of St Ives. His father, also called Staffurth, had previously been a farmer, but took a post as the toll gate keeper for St Ives. However he continued to baptise his children at Warboys. Staffurth’s mother was Jane Bull, who had come from Godmanchester. More of Staffurth parents here. Sophia Wyman (right) was in about 1828 at Oundle to George Wyman, a Wheelwright of West Street, Oundle and Mary née Swain, who had come from Wellington in Somerset.

Staffurth and Sophia married on 24 Dec 1850 at St Peter’s Oundle. Staffurth was a Watchmaker. See details of his business here. The business was at times in New Road, West Street, and mostly in the Market Place. His business card shows he was in other lines of business such as silver and guns.

Staffurth died on 23rd September 1887 at Oundle and was buried on 26th September at St Peter’s Oundle. Sophia died on 28th April 1906 at the shop im Market Place, Oundle, and was buried on 2nd May at St Peter’s Oundle. She died of Senile Decay

Their children were as follows: -

Mary Jane Clarke was born in Oundle in March quarter 1852, and baptised at St Peter’s on 20th June. She never married. She had some jobs as housekeepers or matrons with schools in Margate, Tonbridge and Hampstead, but by 1911 was back at in Oundle as a matron. It has now been confirmed that Mary Jane hung herself from an apple tree in her sister Clara Maria Douglas's garden. She died on 29th September 1920 at 77 High Street Egham (per National Probate Calendar). It was said she was suffering from depression after leaving hospital six weeks before.

George Wyman Clarke was born in Oundle in October quarter 1853 and baptised at St Peter’s on 24th December 1854. He worked all his life in the watchmaker’s business, and never married. George died 29th September 1930 at the Watchmaker's at 10 Market Place, Oundle.

William Staffurth Clarke was born in Oundle in December quarter 1855 in Oundle and was baptised at St Peter’s on 10th February 1856. He did start in the watchmaker’s business, but by 1891 was a groom , and later was a horseman. By 1911 he was in the workhouse in Oundle. He never married and died in March quarter 1919 in Oundle.

Clara Maria Clarke, my great grandmother, was born in Oundle in January quarter 1858 in Oundle and baptised on 20th June. She married Frederick Douglas, who was a baker and a watchmaker’s son from Egham. The marriage was in March quarter 1881 in Lambeth district. See here.

Ellen Sophia Clarke was born in December quarter 1859 at Oundle and baptised on 22nd April 1860 at St Peter’s. She married Cook George Afford, a stone mason, in December 1881 in Leicester. They lived in Oundle afterwards, and had 4 children. Ellen died in September quarter 1930 in Oundle.

Alfred Ernest Clarke was born in March quarter 1862 in Oundle. Arthur served in the Northamptonshire Regiment, then the Royal Garrison Artillery, and finally Suffolk Regiment, rising to Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant. His service was between 7th August 18th and 4th February 1908, and her served in Mauritius (twice) India and South Africa. He married Martha Faires while still in the army on 4th October 1905. They were living in Ipswich in 1911 with a daughter, Hilda. He was described as an army pensioner in 1930 at the administration of his brother George's estate. Alfred died on 8th October 1941 in Ipswich (described as retired lavatory attendant). They had two daughters. Martha died in October quarter 1946 in Ipswich district.

Frederick Staffurth Clarke was born in December quarter 1863 in Oundle, and died in Oundle in June quarter 1868.

Charles Thomas Clarke was born in December quarter 1867 in Oundle. In March quarter 1901 he married Laura Ethel Hodson. He was a joiner in Thrapston. I have now located them in New Zealand, they emigrated in 1909 on the Athenic to Wellington. Charles died on the 26th February 1946, and Laura on 28th February 1960. They were both buried in Taumarunui Old Cemetery.

Louisa Agnes Clarke was born on 31st January 1868 in Oundle. She was known as Louie. She never married, and owned the business by the time of her death on 17th Febriary 1955 in Oundle.

Arthur Robert Clarke was born on the 28th June 1870 in Oundle. In 1891 he was a watchmaker in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, and then in Winchester. He married Marian Alice Dray in September quarter 1922, and died on the 9th April 1952 at St Paul's Hospital, Winchester. They apparently had no children. Marian died on 4th January 1951 in Winchester district.

Percy Frederick Clarke was born in June quarter 1873 in Oundle. He died on 20th February 1891 in London (in City district), and was buried in St Peter’s Oundle on 25th February 1891.

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Interment – The remains of Mr G. W.

Clarke were laid to rest in the cemetery

on Thursday, following a service in the

parish church.  The Vicar (Canon Smalley

Law) officiated, and Mr G. W. White was

at the organ. The chief mourners were

Miss Clarke (sister), Messrs. Alfred and

Robert Clarke (brothers), Mrs. R. Clarke

(sister-in-law), Mr C. J. Douglas (cousin),

and Mrs Douglas, Miss L. Afford, Mr P.

Afford, Mr. and Mrs. Priestly (nephews

and nieces), Mr C. G. Afford (brother-in-

law). Among others present were Dr. K.

Fisher, Major A. D. Nightingale, Mr. J.

M. Bamfoot, Mrs. J. H. Smith,

Mrs. H. M. Brown, Mrs. Wardle,

(representing Col. and Lady Margaret

Proby, of Elton Hall), Messrs. C. A. New-

man, S. A. Hackett, J. Rippiner, T.

Mawdesley, R. Knight, T. Skeffington, J.

C. Binder, E. C. Binder, F. Seaton, G.

Selby, F. G. Davidson, H. Rands, A.

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