Staffurth Clarke senior and Jane Bull - my great great great grandparents



Staffurth Clarke was baptised  on 24th July 1785 at St Mary Magdalene, Warboys, Huntingdonshire. His parents were William Clarke, apparently a farmer, and Jane née Brice. Jane Bull was baptised on 9th February 1794 at St Mary’s, Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire. Her parents were John Brice, a carpenter, and Jane Sallybank.

Staffurth and Jane were married  on 19th Nov 1816 at Warboys. Staffurth was a farmer at least from 1817-1824 in Warboys, then was a toll gate keeper at least from 1829-1851. In 1861 he was a land proprietor. He died in November 1863 in St Ives, and was buried at All Saints, St Ives on 3rd December 1863. Jane died in St Ives in 1868 and was buried  at All Saints on 20th December 1868.

Cambridge Independent 14.10.1848

Cambridgeshire Chronicle 10.7.1858

Cambridgeshire Chronicle 18.9.1841

  They had the following 7 children, note that the name Stafford was probably a parish clerk’s attempt at Staffurth: -

William Clarke was born 1817 at Warboys and baptised at St Mary Magdalene on 21st September 1817. He was a watchmaker in 1837 and 1839 in St Ives, a Watchmaker  in Oundle in 1846-7, in Willingham with his brother John in 1851, and back in Oundle in 1854. He was admitted to Northampton Asylum on 26th December 1846, but clearly did not stay long. He however remained in Willingham and by 1861 was married to Charlotte who may be Moore or Ainsworth. William died in December 1862, probably in Willingham, and was buried 3rd January 1863. Charlotte remarried Charles Cox on 22nd November 1864. A newspaper report on George's death below reports that George's brother killed himself also with a razor three years earlier. So it seems that William Clarke also cut his throat with a razor.

George Stafford Clarke was born in Warboys and baptised on 25th July 1819 at St Mary Magdalene. He died in 1821 and was buried at St Mary Magdalene on 20th March 1821.

George Staffurth Clarke was born in Warboys and baptised on 14th Oct 1821 at St Mary Magdalene. Unlike his brothers, he became a hairdresser in Godmanchester and St Ives, where he was in the Oddfellows. He had moved to London by 1860, when he married Jane Burges, also from St Ives, at St John's Hoxton on 23rd February 1860. They had two daughters, Ada Louisa, born 6th November 1860 in Islington, and Lizzy Kate, born 31st October 1864 in St Luke's Middlesex, also a son Louis Frederick Clarke, born in St Ives in December quarter 1862, but died in June quarter 1865 in Shoreditch district. George committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor on 14th Apr 1865, and Jane remarried William Birch on 30th December 1866. William seems to have died before 1871.

Charles Clarke was born in Warboys and baptised at St Mary Magdalene on 1st August 1824. By 1847 he was a watchmaker in St Ives, located in Back Street in 1851 and from at least 1854 in Bullock Market, where he remained. He married Frances Maile on 28th March1850 in St Ives. They had 13 children, though these are a little confused.

Stafford Clarke (probably Staffurth) was born in 1826 in Warboys and baptised at St Mary Magdalene on 30th July 1826. He died on 27th March 1827 in Warboys.

Staffurth Clarke, my great great grandfather, was born in 1827 in Warboys and baptised at St Mary Magdalene on 13th September 1829. By 1849 he was already a Watchmaker in the Market Place Oundle, taking over in Beale’s business. He married Sophia Wyman on 24th December 1850 in Oundle. In 1851 they were living in St Osyth’s Lane. At some point they took over the Market Place business. Staffurth died on 23rd September 1887 in Oundle and was buried on 26th September at St Mary Magdalene. Sophia died in June quarter 1906 in Oundle. See family here and business here.

John Clarke was born in 1831 in St Ives, and baptised  at St Mary Magdalene, Warboys on 4th September 1831. He married Emma Brown, (born in Eastrea, Cambridgeshire), on 17th Jun 1862 at St John the Baptist, Hoxton, in the area his brother was living. At the time he had been a watchmaker in Bluntisham cum Earith. They were living in Earith, where they had a son Samuel Brown Clarke. On 5th August 1866 Emma died. By 1869 he had moved to Ramsey. In 1871 he was lodging with Emma Stacey, nee Drage. She had two daughters, Tamar and Lavinia, another, Mary Ann having died.  He is shown as a widower, she is shown as married. It is not clear what happened to Francis her husband, but John and Emma seem to live as husband and wife after that, as no marriage has been found. In 1891 they had moved to Humberstone, Leicestershire, where he was a watchmaker and hairdresser. They had two children there, Elizabeth Ann and Minnie. They were living in Charing Cross Road in  London in 1891. It seems John probably died by 1901. At this time Emma is living in Leicester with Elizabeth Ann, her daughter Tamar, who has married John Henry Newsome. Emma died in Leicester in 1921. Elizabeth Ann Clarke married Harry Finns in Leicester in 1898. In 1906 he emigrated to Ontario, Canada, followed the following year by his wife and their three children Dorothy, Minnie, and Harry. They settled in London, Ontario.

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