Robert Wood and Lydia Ann Shaw - my great great great grandparents


Robert Wood was born at Werneth on 21st Jan 1796 and he was baptised at the Presbyterian Chapel, Hyde on 13th March 1796. His parents were Robert Wood, a weaver, and Martha Heginbotham. Lydia Ann Shaw was born in about 1794, and was daughter of James Shaw, a labourer  and Sally Swindells. (Lydia's parentage was established through Hannah Wood's baptism (and Sarah's) at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel, Hyde, which give's Lydia's parents.

Robert and Lydia married on 29th September 1817 at St Maryís Stockport. Robert was a weaver and cotton dresser. They lived in Werneth. Robert died in January quarter 1858 in Werneth, and was buried at Gee Cross Unitarian on 19th February 1858. Lydia died in September quarter 1863 at Werneth, and was also buried at Gee Cross Unitarian on 11th September 1863

They had 3 children: -

William Wood was baptised on 8th November 1818 at St Michaelís, Mottram in Longdendale, Cheshire. He married Mary Ann unknown. They had two children, Samuel born 1837, and Enoch born 1846. William was a gardener and beer house keeper in Mottram. William died in Mottram in April quarter 1883, and was buried on 14th June 1883 at St Michaelís, Mottram in Longdendale, and Mary Ann died in October quarter 1883 ad was buried at St Michaelís, Mottram in Longdendale on 26th December 1883.

Hannah Wood, my great great grandmother, was born on 26th September 1821 at Gee Cross and was baptised on 27th January 1822 at Gee Cross Unitarian Church. She married Christopher Hall Leah on 11th Apr 1847 at St Maryís Cheadle. They had two daughters, see here.

Sarah Ann Wood was born on 23rd May 1837, and baptised at Gee Cross Unitarian Church on 28th May 1837. She was not seen after this.


See a Picture of Hyde Presbyterian Chapel, also known as Gee Cross Unitarian Church on this page.

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