Richard Whateley and Elizabeth Woodward - my great great great grandparents


Richard Whateley was born in about 1795, according to his age at burial, possible baptism records are not convincing. Elizabeth Woodward (or Woodwards) was baptised on 21st December 1799 in Packwood, a small hamlet outside Birmingham. Her parents were Joseph Woodward and Susanna née Wise see here. Richard and Elizabeth married on 9th November 1819 at St Peter’s, Aston juxta Birmingham. Intriguingly, witnesses were John Holmes and Sarah Holmes. Richard died in 1833 and was buried at St Martin in the Bull Ring, Birmingham, on 1st May 1833, age given as 38 years. Elizabeth is shown as a schoolmistress in censuses. She died in Birmingham district in September quarter 1863 and was buried back in Packwood on 30th September 1874, stated as being of St Peter's parish Birmingham. Richard and Elizabeth lived at Bull Street at least in 1821 and 1824 and Moor Street from at least 1832 until their deaths.

They had 6 children:-

Samuel Whateley was born in Birmingham on 3rd Oct 1820 Dec 1821, and baptised at St Phillip’s Birmingham on 16th Apr 1821. He died and was buried at St Martin’s on 28th December 1821.

Caroline Whateley, my great great grandmother, was born on 24th Apr 1822 in Birmingham and baptised at St Phillip’s on 30th Oct 1822. She died in July 1864 in St Thomas's parish, Birmingham and was buried in Packwood on the 10th July 1864. At the 1841 Census she was working as a servant in Handsworth, but soon after married William Holmes, a brushmaker, on 25th April 1842 at Edgbaston Parish Church. Both families had been living in Moor Street, Birmingham. William and Caroline had 13 children, of whom 11 survived. William died in April quarter 1880 in Worcester. See here for details of the family.

Ann Whateley was born in about February 1824 and was buried on 18th April 1824 at St Martin's.

Richard Whateley was born in Packwood on 25th Feb 1825, and baptised at St Phillip’s on 15th Mar 1825. He was a wire worker, and lived in the Moor Place area of Birmingham. He married Emily Bitthell on 2nd November 1867 at Birmingham. They had 4 children. He died in Birmingham in April quarter 1877.

Susannah Whateley was born on 29th Nov 1826 in Birmingham, and was baptised on 26th Dec 1826 at St Phillip’s. In 1851 she is still living, unmarried in Waterloo Place, Birmingham. She was not seen after that.

George Whateley was born on 3rd Sep 1829 in Birmingham and was baptised on 15th Sep 1829 at St Phillip’s. He died in December quarter 1841 in Birmingham and was buried at St Martin's on 20th October 1841.

Thomas Whateley was born on 30th Sep 1831 in Birmingham and was baptised on 31st May 1837 at St Martin’s Birmingham. He does not appear on the 1841 Census and had presumably died young.

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