Feet of Fines CP 25/2/601/1651/HIL 1651- The National Archives



Anne Saunders widow & Richard Joyce     (This Document from the Commonwealth period was unusually written in English)

  1. This is the finall Agreem[en]t made in the court of the Comon Bench at Westm[inste]r in eight

  2. dayes of the purification of the blessed Mary In the yeare of our lord one thousand six

  3. hundred  fifty one before Oliver St John John Puliston Peter Warburton & Edward Atkyns

  4. Justices & others then & there p[re]sent Between Anne Saunders widow pl[ain]t[iff] and Richard

  5. Joyce & Elizabeth his wife deforc[ian]ts of one messuage one barne one curtilage one yarde & one

  6. orchard wth the appurtenances in Godalminge Whereupon a plea of covenant was

  7. summoned between them in the said court that is to say that the aforesaid Richard and

  8. Elizabeth have acknowledged the aforesaid tenemts wth the appurtenances to be the right

  9. of her the said Anne As those with the said Anne hath of the guift of the aforesaid

  10. Richard and Elizabeth and those they have remised and quiteclaimed from them the said

  11. Richard and Elizabeth & their heires to the aforesaid Anne & her heires for ever And

  12. moreover the said Richard & Elizabeth have grannted for them & the heires of the

  13. said Richard that they will warrant to the aforesaid Anne & her heires the aforesaid

  14. tenemts wth the appurtenances against them the said Richard & Elizabeth & the heires of the

  15. said Richard for ever And for this acknowledgm[en]t remise quiteclaime warranty

  16. fyne & agreem[en]t the said Anne hath given to the aforesaid Richard and Elizabeth sixty

  17. pounds  sterlinge



  1. According to the forme of the statute

  2. The first p[ro]clamac[i]on was made the ?hoelueth day of ffebruary in

  3. Hillary terme in the yeare of our lord one thousand six hundred

  4. fifty one the second p[ro]clamac[i]on was made the six & twentieth

  5. Day of May in Easter Terme in the Year of our Lorde one

  6. Thousand six hundred ffifty two the fhird pclam was

  7. Made the eight & twentieth day of June in Trinity Terme

  8. In the yeare of our Lord  one thousand six hundred

  9. Fifty two the fourth p[ro]clamac[i]on was made the tenth

  10. Day of November in Michas terme in the yeare of

  11. Our lord one thousand six hundred and ffifty two


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