Richard Bond and Mary Lowe


Richard Bond was born in about 1758 whereabouts unknown, to John Bond and Ellen Swinlehurst, originally of Tatham, Lancashire, this is now proven by a death duty record that also names another brother Henry, and confirmed by a will. John was a steel cutter and yeoman. Mary Lowe was daughter of John Lowe, christened on 17th December 1761 at the Old Independent Chapel in Hill Gate, Stockport.

Richard and Mary were married at Manchester Cathedral (as were many Denton people) on the 14th February 1782. Richard from at least 1791 was a hat manufacturer. At that date he was part of Bond, Peacock and Bromley of Crown Point Denton, which was still in existence in 1800. Crown Point is now a shopping centre. See this website for details and views of Crown Point.

From The Annals of Hyde and District

The date is not likely to be correct as photography was only widely available in the 1860's

Bond Street on the corner of

Hyde Road on the Broom House Inn



Between 1804 and 1810 Richard was involved in buying and leasing 20 acres of meadow and pasture land in nearby Haughton. In 1816-1817 he was trading as Richard Bond and sons in Denton, and in 1821 was located in Broom-house, Denton. In 1835 he was in Broom-lane so this may well be the same location. See this page for a view of Booth and Moore’s Hat factory which is opposite the Broom House Inn, itself on the corner of Bond Street. It seems certain that the factory at this time was in this area and it may be that this street is named after this Bond family. At some point around this time Richard caused some local interest by bringing in some whalebones which were used as gateposts. Richard died on the 14th June 1821 as a consequence of falling from his horse the day before on his return from Manchester (perhaps selling hats). An inquest was held at the time though no more is known about that. Richard was buried on 19th June 1821.

The Manchester Guardian of 30th June 1821 carried the following: -

On the 14th inst in consequence of a fall from his horse the preceding night, on his return home, Richard Bond, Esq. of Denton, hat-manufacturer. He was esteemed by all for his genuine honesty and benevolent heart; in his death society has to deplore the loss of a valuable member, and his family and friends will ever mourn the absence of an affectionate father and protector.

The Annals of Hyde mentions his death and his bringing the whalebones back.

The children of Richard and Mary were: -

William Bond was born on 15th April 1784 in Denton, Lancashire, and baptised on 4th July 1784 at St Lawrence’s Denton, my great great great grandfather. He married Ann Knight on 2nd October 1803 at Manchester Cathedral. William was buried on 19th April 1836 at St Lawrence’s Denton. See here

John Bond was born on 18th November 1785 at Denton, and was baptised on 20th November 1785 at St Lawrence’s. He married Sophia Sidebotham on 31st December 1811 at Manchester Cathedral and had 8 children.

Ellin Bond was born on 10th August 1787 at Denton and was baptised on 7th August 1787 at St Lawrence’s. She married Samuel Cooke at Manchester Cathedral by Licence on 19th July 1810.

Richard Bond was born on 3rd May 1789 at Denton and baptised at St Lawrence’s on 8th March 1789. He was buried on 25th March 1819 at St Lawrence’s.

Mary Bond was born on 13th July 1790 at Denton and baptised at St Lawrence’s on 5th September 1790. She was buried on 14th April 1791 there.

Mary Bond was born on 5th May 1792 at Denton and baptised at St Lawrence’s on 10th June1792.

Henry Bond was born on 21st August 1795 at Denton and baptised at St Lawrence’s on 15th October 1795. He was a hatmaker at least in 1832.

Samuel Lowe Bond was born on 29th June 1797 at Denton and baptised at St Lawrence’s on 20th August 1797. He was buried there on 7th March 1798.

Sarah Bond was born on 16th September 1795 at Denton and was baptised at St Lawrence’s on 25th October 1795. She died on 22nd December 1798.

Charlotte Matilda Bond was born on 13th May 1801 at Denton and was baptised at St Lawrence’s on 20th June 1801, but was buried there on 23rd June 1802.

Robert Lowe Bond was born on 1st May 1803 at Denton and baptised on 12th June 1803 at St Lawrence’s. He married an unknown Nancy and they had 10 children, though 4 died young. Richard was still a hatter at Broom Lane in 1851. He died in 1853 in Denton subdistrict.

Betty Bond was born on 4th April 1805 at Denton and baptised on 4th August 1805 at St Lawrence’s.


Mary nee Lowe was buried at St Lawrence’s on 14th March 1835. She died at Denton but had been recorded as living in Houghton in 1832.

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