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Rev George Boyce b abt 1743. He was Curate of Winkfield, Berkshire for 49 years. He became a deacon on 7th July 1772. Ordained 2nd Jun 1776 at St George, Bloomsbury, London, by Richard Hurd, Bishop of Coventry & Lichfield 1775-1781. He was ordained without a degree, having demonstrated his suitability. Died 27th Jan 1824, and buried at St Mary’s Winkfield.

He became Master of Cranbourne Hall School also known as Green School, Winkfield Charity School or Ranelagh School on 10th June 1772 after his father’s death right through until his own death in 1824. He was my great great great great grandfather. See more about him here. His ordination may be seen here, his nomination as deacon  is here, and nomination as schoolmaster here.

Rev John Boyce father of above. Son of John Boyce and Judeth, he lived at Winkfield at the time of his marriage in 1738, and writing his will in 1771. He was master of Ranelagh School (see above) from 1750 until his death in 1772, having previously been an usher at the school. See more about him here. He was my 5 great grandfather.

Rev Jonathan Catlow 1703 - 1746 was Curate of St Michael’s, Ashton-under-Lyne 1725-1746 after being made a schoolteacher, teaching English, Latin and Greek at the publick school’ in Ashton in 1724. Ordained as a Deacon on 21st Feb 1724 by Richard Reynolds, Bishop of Lincoln . He was appointed (licensed) as a schoolteacher on 7th Apr 1724 by Francis Gastrell, Bishop of Chester. Information from the CCED to date refers to him as Curate in 1733 and 1742. He was ordained as a Curate on 12th May 1725 by Francis Gastrell, Bishop of Chester at New Chapel, St Margaret’s Westminster, at which date he was still a schoolteacher. He married Grace Smith née Pickford on 2nd Apr 1727 at St Michael's, Ashton-under-Lyne. He attended St Catharine's College at Cambridge University in 1736, and he was stated to be of Colne. In fact he was born a Quaker and had an adult baptism in 1721 in Colne. He is buried in the churchyard at St Michael’s, Ashton-under-Lyne. More about the School here. He was my 5 greats grandfather. See picture of the Church here. Jonathan's will is here.

Rev William Gwillim Chilman b 1842, married Elizabeth Pierce Boyce, daughter of George Boyce and Sally Pierce Dolby. Sally was daughter of Elizabeth Pierce, sister of Martha Pierce. This George Boyce is son of Rev George Boyce’s son John, publican of the Squirrel in Winkfield. In 1871 he was Curate of Beeford in Yorkshire, and in and 1877 to 1901 was Vicar of Wharram Percy and Wharram le Street, Yorkshire

Rev George Howard Chilman son of above, born 1870, was first a curate, then a priest at Topcliffe, Thirsk, Yorkshire at least 1893 - 1901.

Rev Harry Collard Wilkinson b 1851.

He attended Lichfield Theological College in 1875, was ordained as a deacon in 1875, and a priest in 1876. He was first Curate of Stoke-on-Terne 1875-9, then curate of Holy Trinity Bury 1879-1882. After he returned from a trip to Africa with a view to mission work, he worked as a Curate in Torquay. He met and married Elizabeth Ellen Douglas. They then moved to High Legh Cheshire where Harry was Chaplain to the Conwall-Legh family. He died suddenly from peritonitis at only 40, leaving Elizabeth Ellen to raise 3 children.

Rev Edward Charles Stukely married Ida Gavin, grand-daughter of William Northcroft.

Rev Ernest Alfred Gee son of Samuel Gee and Mary Cecilia Boyce, daughter of John Pierce Boyce snr. In Burslem in 1891. He presumably took up missionary work as the National Probate Calendar records his death as follows: - Gee, the reverend Ernest Alfred of Masasi Lindi German East Africa clerk died June 1902 . Adminsitration... to Annie Louise Gee spinster and Bertha Henrietta Byrom Gee spinster.

There was an second entry in 1951 (!) to a solicitor and general manager. Masasi is in modern day Tanzania.

Rev Richard Duffield Pope was Pastor of the Episcopal Church of the Advent in Westbury, USA. He married his own daughter Mary Dayton Pope to George Frederick Whitlock, son of George Whitlock and Charlotte (née Holmes)

Rev Edward J Carson was father of Julia Margaret Carson, who married William Stephenson Holmes on 7th Sep 1940 at Van Nest Presbyterian Church, The Bronx, New York, USA

Rev Harold Stanley Patrick married Heather Douglas, daughter of William Boyce Douglas. He was curate of St James, Taunton (where he married Heather Douglas in 1939), and Vicar of North Newton, Somerset and Rattery, Devon

Stephen Terry, father of Hester Terry described as a clerk, owned the advowson of Warfield. He died in 1687, but I have not found him to be fulfillling any ecclesiastical role. He may have been the lay Rector as his son John was. His will may be seen here. See Terry Family here.

John Terry, son of Stephen Terry, inherited the Advowson of Warfield, and was the lay Rector. He did seem to be styled Rev John Terry, but he does not seem to have had any ecclesiastical office. See Terry Family here.

Rev John Terry, uncle to Stephen Terry above (known as John Terry the elder as distinct from Stephen's father John Terry the younger). His will is here.

He was born in 1555 at Long Sutton in Hampshire. He was appointed rector of Stockton in Wiltshire in 1589.

The following was entered in the parish register

"John Terry, Rector of Stockton, was born in the year 1555 ' Familia eminenter ingcnua' at Sutton, near Odiham in Hampshire. He was the eldest son of his father, and was educated at Winchester, and took two degrees in arts at New College, Oxford, where he was a Fellow. He was ordained by John Pearce, Bishop of Sarum, and soon after became domestic chaplain to Thomas Cooper, Bishop of Winchester, who presented him to the Rectory of Stockton. He married Mary White of Stanton St. John near Oxford, by whom he had six sons, who all except the eldest, with his wife survived him. He died of an atrophy the 10th of May, 1625, and was buried by his own desire among the poor, in the churchyard, near to his own house, by Thomas Crockford, Vicar of Fisherton Delamere, after a sermon preached by John Antram, Minister of Langford, die Veneris 13th May, in his 70th year."

See Terry Family here.


Rev Thomas Neesham was rector of Stoke D'Abernon in Surrey, he was apponted Rector on 24th September 1629. He was ordained deacon and priest by Samuel Bishop of Norwich on 22nd September 1622. Thomas had studied at St John's Cambridge, having entered at Michaelmas 1614. The Alumni record also states 'Matric. sizar from ST JOHN'S, Michs. 1614; B.A. 1618-9; M.A. 1622. R. of Stoke d'Abernon, Surrey, 1629; still there, 1658.'

His will may be seen hereThomas is my 8 x Great grandfather. See here for family, though his ancestry is unknown.


Edmund Lees

Attended All Souls' College Oxord, his entry in Oxford University Alumni, 1500-1886 reads

Lees, Edmund, "ser" All Souls' Coll., subscribed 9 Dec 1653, B.A. 14 Feb., 1655-6, M.A. 6 July 1658, rector of Ibstock, co. Leicester, 1678, canon of Lichfield, 1686, and of Peterborough 1687, and rector of Norton-juxta-Twycross 1688 until his death about Nov., 1699. See Foster Index Eccl.

His entries in the Clergy of the Church of England Database also include: -

Preacher of Ibstock and throughout the Diocese of Lincoln from 5.12.1678

Rector of Ibstock from the same date

Prebend of Bobenhull from 23.2.1686

Death 10.2.1700

He married Dorothy (nee Neesham and the daughter of Thomas above), the widow of Edward Brewster at an unknown date.


Hugh Margesson

The brother of Richard Margesson, was vicar of Wisbech in Cambridgeshire from 1554-1586, per CCED. His father was a Margesson who had acquired lands in Surrey


John Stanley Sharples

(Grandson of Joseph Holmes) The 1939 register records him as Clergyman (C of E)



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