Feet of Fines CP 25/2/360/16JASI/MICH 1618- The National Archives



Nicholas Denyer v Henry Peyto

(Disclaimer - my ability to transcribe is hindered by my negligible Latin)

  1. Hec est finalis condordia f[ac]ta in Cur[ia] An[no] Regne Apud Westm[inster] A die s[anc]te mych in due

  2. Menson Anno regnez Jacobus de[i] Gra[tis] Angli[a] Scocie Franc[ie] & hib[er]ne Regis fide

  3. Defens[or] etc Angli[e] Franc[ie] & hib[er]n[e] sextedecimo & Scocie quinquagesimo s?ds coram

  4. Henr[icus] Hobarte  Petro Warburton Humfre Wynche & Rc?d hutton Justic & Alie

  5. dns regis fidelibus tunc ibd p[re]sentibus Ju[ra]t Nichus Denyer quer[ent] et henr[icus] peyto

  6. deforc[iant] de duo messuagis duo heere duo gardino & dimid ? aq tre cum p[er]tin[enciis] in

  7. Godalmynge unde pl[ac]itum cenvenc[ion]es sum[monitum] fuit int[er] eos in eodem cur[ia] sc[ici]l[e]t q[uo]d

  8. p[re]dic[ta]s henr[icus] recog[nerunt] p[re]d[i]c[t]a ten[ement] espe?no ipius Nichus ut ill que idem Nichus

  9. h[ab]eit de d[ono] p[re]d[i]c[t]e henr[icus] et illi remissit & quietclam de se & hered sus p[re]d[i]c[t]a

  10. Niche & hered sus Imp[erpetu]um et p[re]d[i]c[t]a idem henr[icus] concessit p[ro] se & hered suis

  11. q[uo]d ip[ui]s warant p[re]d[i]c[t]a Niche & hered suis p[re]d[i]c[t]a ten[ement] cum p[er]tin[enciis] cont p[re]d[ict]an

  12. Henr[icus] & hered suis? Impp[erpetu]um et p[ro] hac recogn[erunt] remissene quietclama warant

  13. fine & concordia idem Nichus dedit p[re]d[i]c[t]o henr[icus] quadraginta & duam libr[e]

  14. sterlingen


  1. This is the final agreement made in the court at Westminster sixteen days before Michaelmas

  2. in two months of the reign of King James by the grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland

  3. defender of the faith of England France and Ireland etc before

  4. Henry Hobart Peter Warburton Humphrey Wynche & Richard Hutton Justices and other

  5. Lords loyal to the King then and there present swore Nicholas Denyer querent and Henry Peyto

  6. deforciant of two messuages two (heere) two gardens & (dimid) ? aq three with appurtenances in

  7. Godalming whence a plea of contract was summoned between them in the same court that is to say

  8. the aforesaid Henry has recognised the aforesaid tenements ? of him Nicholas as those which the same Nicholas

  9. has the gift of the aforesaid Henry and those remised and quitclaimed of them & their heires the aforesaid

  10. Nicholas and his heirs for ever and the aforesaid same Henry has granted for them & their heirs that

  11. he will warrant the aforesaid Nicholas and his heirs the aforesaid tenements with appurtenances against the aforesaid

  12. Henry and his heirs for ever. And for this recognizance remission quitclaim warrant

  13. fine and agreement the same Nicholas gave the said Henry forty two pounds sterling


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