Admission of Miss Mary Douglas to Cottage at Chertsey


Dated 19th August 1874


The Manor of Chertsey Beomond


Admission of Miss Mary Douglas


The Manor of Chertsey Beomond in the County of Surrey


Whereas on the twenty fourth day of February One thousand eight hundred and sixty four Sophia Varnden was admitted tenant to her heirs and assigns as Heiress at Law of her sister Elizabeth Varnden deceased to all that Copyhold messuage or Tenement lying and being in Bell Lane in Chertsey aforesaid formerly in the occupation of Matthew Southy and then of James Hudson and held of the said manor by the rent of two pence and find certain two pence And Whereas the said Sophia Varnden died on the first day of June one thousand eight hundred and seventy four having in and by her last will and testament in writing duly executed and attested given and decreed as follows viduicet “I also give unto my brother William Varnden if he shall be living at the time of my decease all my personal and real estate whatsoever and wherever for his use and benefit as long as he shall live and after his decease I give and bequeath to my niece Mary Douglas absolutely my copyhold cottage at Chertsey now in the occupation of James Hudson” and which said will was duly proved in the Principal Registry in the Court of Probate on the twenty second day of June last And Whereas the said William Varnden died on the fifteenth day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty four the above  named Mary Douglass came before Henry Edwards Paine Steward of the said manor and prayed the favor of the said Lords to all that the said cottage and premises so given to her as aforesaid and above described. To which said Mary Douglas the Lords of the said Manor by the hand of the said Steward did grant and deliver by the rod To Have and to Hold the same with the appurtenances unto the said Mary Douglas and her heirs and assigns of the said Lords of the said Manor at the will of the Lords at the custom of the said Manor by the rents fines customs duties links and services herefore due and of right accustomed to be paid and performed And saving everyones right And paying to the Lords their fines the said Mary Douglas was thus admitted but her fealty was  respited


Examined by me

H E Paine


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