The Will of Mary Bond widow of Denton, Lancashire, widow 1835



I Mary Bond of Denton in the

County of Lancaster

widow do make and

Publish this my last Will and Testament in manner following that

is to say I[mpri]mis I Order and Direct that my Just Debts Funeral and

Testamentary Expenses to be paid out of my real and personal Estate

and Effects by Executrices hereinafter named Secondly I give Devise

and Bequeath All my Real and Personal  Estate and Effects whatsoever

and wheresoever (except as hereinafter mentioned) unto my Son

daughters namely Mary now the wife of Joseph Siddal Ellen now

the Wife of Samuel Cooke Betty and Sally equally Share and Share

alike as Tenants in Common and not as joint Tenants their Heirs

executors and administrators and Assigns Independently of their Present

or any Future Husband or Husbands with whom either or any

of them may happen to Intermarry (except my said Two Daughters

Ellen and Mary who have each had a Sum of Money which

I direct shall be accounted for before they have any other sum or

Sums Interest or Interests whatsoever under this my Will Namely

Ellen has already had from me the Sum of Three Hundred Pounds

and Mary the Sum of Four Hundred Pounds Thirdly I give and

devise all and any my Household Goods and Furniture unto my

Two daughters the said Betty and Sally their Executors Administrators

and assigns equally Sand Share alike  Fouthly Whereas

I am possessed of One Hundred Pounds Lent to the Commissioners

of the Hyde and Manchester New Turnpike Road and which Sum

I give and Bequeath to my Son Robert Lowe Bond his executors


Administrators and assigns Together

with all such Powers

and Remedies for

recovering and receiving the same as are allowed by Law or in Equity

and that his Receipt shall be a good and sufficient Surcharge for the

said sum of One Hundred pounds so lent as aforesaid to the said

Commissioners or to any office person or persons paying the same

And Lastly I do hereby Nominate and appoint my Two Daughters

Betty Bond and Sally Bond Executrices of this my last will and

hereby revoking all Former Will and Wills by me at any time

heretofore made I declare this to be my Last Will and Testament

and I do hereby order and direct that they my said Exeuctrices their

heirs executors administrators and assigns shall not either of them to

accountable for any unavoidable Loss that may happen to the said

Premisses nor for any more money than they shall actually receive

by virtue hereof nor for the acts and Defaults of the other of them but

each of them for her own acts and Defaults and I hereby order and

Direct that it shall and may be Lawful for my said Executrices to retain

to and reimburse and pay herself and themselves all reasonable Costs

Charges and expences which may be incurred in the Executrix herself

or in relation thereto, In Witness whereof I the said Mary Bond the

Testatrix have hereunto set and put my Hand and seal this Twenty eighth

day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred

and thirty one.


Signed Sealed published and Declared by the said Mary        }

Bond as and for her last will and Testament in the                   }Mary Bond

presence of us who at her request in her presence and in        }

the presence of each other have Subsribed our names as        }

Alf Higginbottom

John Brooks

Jame Dhuranth?



The 26th day of April 1835

Betty Bond and Sally Bond the Executrices in this will

named were sworn in common form and they further made oath

that the personal Estate and Effects of the Testatrix within the Diocese

of Chester were under the value of 200 before me

                                                                            John Handforth surrogate

The Testatrix died the 6th day of March 1835

                            Probate issued

                            Dated 27th April 1835



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