Mary Douglas attempted Robbery


This is a document reminding Mary Douglas that she is bound to attend the next Quarter Sessions in Newington on 16th June 1864, being adjourned from 16th May to prosecute Thomas White.


Since this was found I determined to find the case in the Quarter Session papers at Surrey History Centre.

Order papers QS3/5/19 gave the broad detail of the case

242 Thomas White

Assault with intent to steal from the person

Pleased guilty. Nine Calendar Months Hard Labor

The indictment QS/2/7/1864 gave fuller details

9 Calendar Months Hard Labour

Thomas White                          Pleaded guilty


On the twelth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty four


In and upon Mary Douglas in the peace of God and our Lady the Queen then did feloniously did make an assault with intent the money goods and chattels of the said Mary Douglas from the person and against the will of the said Mary Douglas


Feloniously and violently try to steal take and carry away, against the form of the statues in such case made and provided

Thomas White was sentenced on 6th June 1864, having been convicted of previous robberies and acquitted of housebreaking.
The Calendar of prisoners states Thomas White was a barber, aged 33, and was sent to Wandsworth but adds little further. Afurther incident prosssible relating to the same man (where he was reported as labourer) was a convition of a Thomas White of stealing 13 lb 6 oz of cheese from Thomas Boorn at Chertsey. Sentence was 3 months hard labour at Wandsworth
It has also been found the following, in the Surrey Advertiser of 15th September 1866, at the Police Court, Thomas White was accused of assaulting his father and was bound over to keep the peace.

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