Re-examination of Photo Marked on rear as Uncle Jimís Daughter



JamesThis photo was marked on rear in my grandmotherís writing as Uncle Jimís daughter. I took this to mean James Douglas of Torquay. As it is clearly not Elizabeth Ellen, it would have to be Fanny Louise b 1872 or Ethel Mary b 1875.

The location of the photographer jarred a bit until I though it could be James Douglasís (b 1806) daughter Martha Pierce Douglas, who married John Edward Stanley, proprietor (though maybe not owner, which could have been his mother) of the Crown Hotel in Leamington. Martha, or Pattie, as she was known, was born in 1858.

F Karoly has been found as a photographer in 1888 and 1892 directories, but not in 1884 or 1896.

The use of palms and foliage is also suggestive of 1890ís, and the dress would appear to support that. The age would appear to support that it is not one of the daughters of James Douglas of Torquay but Martha Pierce Stanley. She married in 1886. I have not found any record of any children of the marriage. Martha died on 12th July 1900 in Llandudno, North Wales.

The National Probate Calendar has this entry: -

Martha Pierce Stanley of Albany House, Llandudno, Caernarvonshire widow, died 12.7.1900 Administration James Douglas tobacconist.

Her husband John Edward Stanley, was owner of the Crown Hotel Leamington, and at one time a town councillor. He was declared bankrupt in 1892. He died on the 11th Jan 1894 while living in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire, see below for details.

John Edward Stanley appears to have married three times. In 1871 he was in Liverpool as an Engine fitter with a wife called Emily. In 1877 he married Edith Clara Kelham in Camberwell district, she was with him in 1881 at the Crown Hotel, but died on 14 Jan 1885. He married Martha on 25 Nov 1886 at All Saints Warwick. I found no children of John  by any of his wives.

 Crown Hotel Leamington


John Edward Stanley was involved in a case in 1872. Along with many others he gave evidence to a church commission that the incumbent, the Rev Craig was drunk. Later John was sued for slander by Rev Craig. The church commissioners did not take action apart from warning Rev Craig, no doubt in order to minimise the further scandal.


Leamington Spa Courier 18.1.1894


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