Lee and Cook families


This reflect the progress made in tracing the ancestors of Ann Lee (my great grandmother) and the fate of her sisters.

I have access to all the parish records for the two parishes of Almondbury and Kirkburton which cover the Holmfirth area. The one problem is that many of these baptisms give the child’s father only and not mother. However occupations and places are usually given, this enables cautious tracing back and finding of siblings. These registers contain the records for Holmfirth Chapel of Ease. These could appear in either the Almondbury or Kirkburton registers, dependant on where the person lived.

I first reviewed John Lee’s parents. George Lee and Tabitha are definitely rejected - their son John is still with them in 1841. I originally had John’s father as George Lee a tailor. George Lee and Ann Whitehead are clearly the correct parents, but George is clearly a shoemaker, and is still alive until 1864. Ann Whitehead is named as the mother on John Lee’s baptism record. George was one of ten children of Benjamin Lee and Mary Batty.

On the Cook side, Mary’s mother already known as Esther is Esther Charlesworth, after review a daughter of Joshua Charlesworth of Wooldale, near Holmfirth. Esther was one of seven children. Joshua was son of Joshua Charlesworth and Mary Thorpe. These lines have bee traced a little further back as below . Jonas Cook’s father was Matthew Cook, a clothier of Overthong (the old name for Upperthong), and his mother was Betty Crosland, daughter of Jonathan Crosland and Martha Little. Martha daughter of Matthew Little and Mary Taylor. Matthew Cook was son of James Cook of Overthong.


Of Ann Lee’s sisters, all bar one, Hannah Lee have been found after marriage. Mary Ann married first Benjamin Donkersley, then Silvester Hinchliffe. Ann Lee was visiting her on the 1861 Census, living at Underbank, Holmfirth. Martha married Joshua Hoyland, they lived in Padfield, Derbyshire . Emma married Thomas Haigh in Glossop, their daughters were Mary and Sarah Sally’, who are remembered by my mother visiting Ann Lee every year, coming from Hadfield. Alice married Nathaniel Crossland in Wortley dist, Yorkshire, they lived at Thurlstone, Yorkshire.


John Lee’s second wife was a widower Ann Thewlis nee Botly (or perhaps Batly). They married at Whitfield on the outskirts of Glossop on 5th May 1853. A combination of some look-ups done for me of Kirkburton marriages, and work at the Society of Genealogists has now greatly expanded the tree. Some of the microfiche are difficult to read so may yet prove to be readable on another copy available elsewhere.


Ann Lee’s Ancestors pdf

Latest research has added two siblings to Mary Cook, Ruth, b 1822 and Matthew, b 1803.

Recent research has added William Wood’s wife, Mary Crossland and some of her ancestry, Sarah Marsden’s parents, John Whitehead’s wife, also that John Lee’s wife was Ann Crosland. Crosland ancestry has been quite productive.

Considerable effort has gone into these. The Holmfirth area is in two parishes, Almondbury and Kirkburton. There were Chapels of Ease belonging to these two parishes. Most baptisms only give father’s name, but as a compensation, give also his occupation and abode. So by finding siblings, it is usually possible to identify the relevant marriage.


Two parts that have undergone revision are that George Lee (b 1789)'s father is now known to be Benjamin Lee. From Esther's age at death, I determined she was daughter of Joshua Charlesworth of New Lathe in Wooldale. Some further ancestry has been traced.


I have the following sources available: -


Marriages 1677-1837 CD from Huddersfield & dist FHS

Baptisms 1703-1848 CD from Huddersfield & dist FHS

PR 1683-1703 Book from Yorkshire Archaeological Society

PR 1653-1682 Book from Yorkshire Archaeological Society

Burials 1557-1899 NBI

Baptisms 1557-1667 IGI



Baptisms 1711-1837 CD  from Huddersfield & dist FHS

Baptisms 1686-1711 booklet  from Huddersfield & dist FHS

Marriages 1772-1792 Booklet  from Huddersfield & dist FHS

Marriages 1738-1771 Booklet  from Huddersfield & dist FHS

Marriages 1686-1737 Booklet  from Huddersfield & dist FHS

PR 1541-1654 File downloadable from

Baptisms 1629-1689 FreeREG

Marriages 1641-1710 FreeREG

Burials 1628-1710 FreeREG

Burials 1581-1899 NBI

Baptisms 1540-1711 IGI

The non IGI sources have more information, It should be noted that some of the original registers are exceptionally difficult to read and differences can be found between transcriptions.

The records for both parishes are now on Ancestry, though there are a fair numbers of errors and omissions in their transcriptions.


There is also the useful Joiner marriage index Here




Ancestry now has many West Yorkshire parish register online. Further ancestry may be traced and there is some re-evaluation going on.


Note there are other Godfrey Crosland’s from Cartworth, for whom quite some documents seem to be available, but these seem to be separate families, perhaps linked further back in time.  My’ Croslands are from Fulstone.

See this page for John Lee and Mary Cook’s family.

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