Leah family and ancestors

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Christopher Hall Leah was son of James Leah, born 1804 to Mary Leah. No father is given, and there was no trace of any likely bastardy or filiation orders.

James was baptised at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel on 28th January 1805, having been born on 15th December 1804 in Werneth, Cheshire.

Mary appears on the 1841 Census, at Gerrards, near Pole Bank in Werneth, and she died at Werneth and was buried on 6th October 1846 at St Mary's Stockport.


Mary herself was baptised at the same Chapel, on 13th June 1779, daughter of George Leah and Betty Smith.

George and Betty married on 20th August 1775 at St Mary's Stockport, and Mary was the oldest of seven children


George himself was described as a weaver, and was baptised on 20th April 1746, son of John Leah and Elizabeth Hulme, the second of five children.

George was buried at Hyde Chapel on 17th June 1799. I will come back to Betty.


John Leah and Elizabeth were married on 28th September 1742 at St Mary's Stockport. The death of neither has been traced and Elizabeth's parents have not been traced.

John was baptised on 30th January 1716 at St Mary's Stockport, son of Ralph Leah and Mary Sidebotham. They married, quite unexpectedly at Mobberley, Cheshire, by Licence, and the licence and marriage state that they are both of the parish of Stockport. Mary died not long after giving birth to John, and was buried on 15th February 1716 at St Mary's Stockport. Ralph died possibly in 1721 - further to be investigated.


Ralph was baptised on 12th May 1695 at Mobberley, so presumably his marriage was arrange at his previous home town. His parents were Roger Leah and Ann Burges, who married on 23rd January 1687 and Alderley, Cheshire. They had three children, but Ann died in 1699, and was buried on 25th May 1699 at Mobberley. Roger then remarried Elizabeth Ridgway on 13th August 1700 at Mobberley.

They had 7 children.


Roger was born in 1665 to Humphrey Leah, a chapman, who had a daughter Ann, and who died in 1712 at Mobberley, leaving a will which will be transcribed.


Mary Sidebotham was born on 4th April 1695 at Bredbury, and baptised on 9th April 1695 at St Mary's Stockport. She was the youngest of three children of William Sidebotham and Katherine Hopwood.

William died before Mary's birth on 5th September 1694 (his death date given on her baptismal record), and was buried at St Mary's on the 7th. I have not found a burial or remarriage for Katherine.


Ann Burges was baptised on 23rd January 1665 at Alderley to Henry Burges and Elizabeth, she was the youngest of three children.


Betty Smith was born in Hyde and baptised in Gee Cross Unitarian Chapel on 26th April 1752, daughter of Nathan Smith and Mary Smith (her maiden name), who married on 26th April 1738 at St Mary's Stockport.

Nathan was son of Nathaniel Smith and Esther Marsland






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