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(Disclaimer - my ability to transcribe is hindered by my negligible Latin)


  1. Hec est finalis concordia in cur dno Regis apud Westm a die pasche in quinquibus septimas
  2. Anno regner Carols sced Deo Gratia Angl Scocie ffranc & hibne regis fides defens etc A conquis
  3. Vicesimo quarto coram Johe vaughan Johe Arther Wills Wylde & Robte Atkyns Justis & aliis dne
  4. Regis fidelibus tunc ibd psentibus Jut Janam Trigge viduam quer et henry heve Baronettum &
  5. meriath uxem eus deforc de uno mesuagis cum ptin in Dorking unde plitin connencis
  6. summ fiut ins eos in eadem cur scilt qd pdes henr & meriath recogn pdcm mesuagis cum
  7. ptin esse ins ipuis Jane ut ill quod eadem Jane hebde dono pdcor henr & meriath ec
  8. ? remises & quietclam de ipuis  henr & meriath & hered suis pdce Jane & hered suis
  9. Imppm et ptca iidem henr & meriath concesser p se & hered ipuis henr qd ipd warant
  10. ? Jane & hered sus pdan mesuagis cum ptin cont pdcas henr & merieth & hered ipuis
  11. Henry imppr Et p hac recogn remissione quietclam warant fine & concordia eadem Jana
  12. Dedit pdas henr & merieth sexaginta libras sterlingor

* inserted text hardly legible

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Disclaimer between my poor transcription skills and my negligible Latin, I am certain to have mangled this


1.      This is the final agreement in the court of the Lord King in Westminster on Easter day in five seven

2.      year of the reign of Charles sce by the grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland defender of the faith etc (congid)

3.      twenty fourth before John Vaughan John Arther Wills Wylde & Robte Atkyns Justices & other lords

4.      loyal to the king then and there present swore Jane Trigge widow querent and Henry Heve baronet &

5.      Meriath his wife deforciants of one messuage with appurtenances in Dorking whence a plea of contract

6.      was summoned between them in the same court, that is to say the aforesaid Henry and his wife Meriath acknowledge the aforesaid messuage with

7.      appurtenances to be of her Jane  as those that the aforesaid Jane have the gift of the aforesaid Henry & Meriath & their heirs

8.      & those remised & quitclaimed of them Henry & Meriath & their heirs the said Jae and her heirs

9.      for ever and the said same  Henry & Meriath have granted for them & their heirs Henry that ? warrant

10.  ? Jane & her heirs that messuage with appurtenances against the said Henry & Meriath & their heirs


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