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Letitia Joyce married James Douglass on 20 May 1761 in Godalming. James, though from Chertsey, had been apprenticed to learn watchmaking from Richard Stedman in Godalming in October 1747. At the time he started this apprenticeship, his future father in law, Joshua Joyce would have be the out going or previous Warden of Godalming. The Guidelines for apprenticeships in the Ordinances of Godalming suggest that apprenticeships should end at 24 years old, so James Douglass could have bee born as early as 1730. He must have met Letitia during this period. However he did not marry her until 7 years after the end of his apprenticeship, in 1761. Four children were born by the end of 1769. Letitia received legacies from the following: - her father in 1760, her uncle William Chitty in 1769, and her unmarried sister Mary Joyce in 1792 See Mary Joyce’s Will. It is noticeable that the latter will is phrased (written as it was after James’s bankruptcy) to safeguard the legacy from external control. Her uncle William was extremely wealthy and powerful, and may have been one of the William’s who was also Warden of Godalming, and a Maltster by trade. His Will is very lengthy and full of tortuous clauses and conditions

Letitia’s father, Joshua, was a baker (at the least when he wrote his will in 1757), and was twice Warden of Godalming, in 1737 (having been an Assistant from 1730), and 1747. His wife was Elizabeth Chitty, daughter of William Chitty and Jane Denyer, and they married 14 Feb 1726 in Hascombe. The Warden was a kind of early Mayor, who with the help of Assistants, help regulate the town and its trade. See here about Godalming and its Warden. He contributed 5s 0d to the repair of the Market Hall in 1725. Joshua was born in about 1699, and died in 1760. He was churchwarden on 10.3.1744/5, having signed the settlement certificate of a widow Martha Norris moving to Elstead. An extract from his will may be seen here on Surrey Wills Plus website. He quite possibly ran the bakery from the same site as his father see below

Joshua’s Parents were Joshua Joyce and Mary Chitty. They married 30 Jan 1697 at St Mary’s Guildford. It has not been possible to trace this Mary Chitty’s ancestry, Chitty being such a common name in Godalming. She may be related somehow to her daughter-in-law Elizabeth Chitty above. This Joshua was born about 1674 and died on the 30th Nov 1725. He leased the property in High Street, Godalming  for his bakery on 30th December 1700, and was also Warden of Godalming, in 1714, having been Assistant the year before. He was described as a baker already on this property deal so had been in business elsewhere previously. By 1706, he together with John Hayes have two hundred pounds to invest in three houses and over a hundred acres of various types of land. See the feet of fines here.

Joshua’s parents were Joshua Joyce and Judeth Cavy. They married on the 2nd Sep 1657 in Godalming. Joshua was born about 1632 and died in 1682, he was a wire drawer. Judeth was born at 1635, and died in 1720, she was the daughter of William Cavy and Judeth Oklye. They married 2 Sep 1657 in Godalming.

This Joshua’s parents were Richard Joyce and Elizabeth Hammond. Elizabeth was daughter of John Hamond and Alice Hardinge. Richard and Elizabeth married on 26th June 1627.  Richard Joyce was born in 1602, and died in 1681. He may have been a bailiff of Godalming, and was recorded as a card maker on his burial inside St Peter and St Paul’s Godalming  in 1681. (No remnant is visible of his burial now though). Richard’s parents were Henry Joice and Katherine (unknown name). Henry Joice married three times, firstly to Alice Keene on 6th October 1583, who had three children, two surviving, and died abt Oct 1588, then Sarah Dorye on 25.11.1588, who had four children, two surviving to adulthood, and died June 1596, and later to Katherine - details not found. Henry was also a cardmaker. Cardmaker is presumably referring to a card for carding wool.

Joshua Joyce’s Gravestone

When legible this read

Here Lieth the Body of Joshua Joyce

Who departed this life

November 20 1723

Aged 72 years

Mary Joyce’s Gravestone

When legible this read

Here lieth the body of

Mary Joyce Wife of Joshua Joyce

Who departed life

ye 17 day of December 1735

Age [??]


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