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It was stated on the website Exploring Surreyĺs History that the building that houses Godalming Museum was a bakery for 370 years.
A document G1/31/6 at Surrey History Centre suggests that this was the bakery run at one time by the middle Joshua Joyce in 1700. Godalming Museum have since confirmed that Joshua indeed was the tenant and that there are deeds dated 1641, 1670, 1742, 1778 which mention Joshua Joyce .
... All that Messuage, Tenement...    ... situate and being in the High Street of Godalming aforesaid, betweene the messuage of William Smith Shopkeeper on the East pte whereof, and the Tenement Newergate in the occupation of one John Woodier on the West pte thereof , and butteth on the High Street of Godalming aforesaid towards the North and the tenement tenant Markethouse there.
The Later Town Hall, known as the Pepperpot was built on the site of the Markethouse. It is exactly in front of the Godalming Museum as described above, and I have been in the museum. See here for a picture of the Markethouse.
The building was presumably two shops in the past, with the bakery at this end. The Museum houses the Woods collection, an excellent resource for Family Historians with Godalming ancestors. Also there is a framework knitting machine (Godalming was one of the centres for this business), and a Richard Stedman Tavern Clock (one of the Richard Stedmans had James Douglass apprenticed to him). Note that the Library which house the research facilities is open afternoons Tuesday to Saturday.
Timbers in the building have been dated to 1446, making the second oldest building in the town after the parish church - at least as far as dating made by this method.
Its website is here
Rear of the property
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Full transcript of the lease below

Joshua Joyce Lease of the building  23rd December 1700 Surrey History Centre ref G1/31/6

This Indenture

Made the three and twentieth day of December in the twelfth year of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord William the Third, By the Grace of God. Betweene Thomas Jessey The Younger of Godalminge the County of Surrey yeoman of the one parte And Joshua Joyce of Godalminge aforesaid in the said County of Surrey Baker of the other parte.

Witnesseth that the Said Thomas Jessey for and in consideration of the Summe of Twenty shillings of Lawfull money of England to him before the sealing and delivery hereof  in hand part by the said Joshua Joyce The receipt whereof he the said Thomas Jessey hereby confesseth and Acknowledgeth and therefore of every part and parcell doth clearley acquitt, release, and forever discharge the said Joshua Joyce his heires & Executors & Administrators & Assigns and every of them by these psents hath bargained held and demised and by these psents doth bargaine sell and demise unto the said Joshua Joyce his executors administrators & assigns All that Messuage or Tenement Garden Orchard Watercourse Backside, Barnes, Buildings, Outhouses, hereditaments & pmises whatsoever to the same belonging or in any wise appteyning or ever used occupied or enjoyed with the same situate and being in the high Street of Godalming aforesaid Betweene the Messuage of William Smith Shopkeeper on the East pte whereof And the Tenement Newergate in the Occupation of one John Woodier on the west part thereof, and Butteth on the High Street of Godalming aforesaid towards the North and the tenemt Tenant Markethouse there And now in the severall occupac§ns of the said Thomas Jessey, Joshua Joyce, William Smith and James Coster a glover or of heirs assigns.  And Allsoe all Outhouses, Edifices, Buildings woods Trees Commons Ways Waters easements pfitts Comodities & appurtenances belonging or in any wise appteyning And the the reverc§ns remainders & yearly & other rents issues & befitts of all & singular the before menc§ned Pmisses with the Appurtenances with the sum Thomas Jessey the younger By Indenture of bargain & sale for a yeare bearing at the thirtieth day of December in the 12th year of the raigne of aforementioned Soveraine Lord King William III of England Anno dim 1691 and a grant and release thereupone made by indenture bearing date the one and thirtieth day of the month of December purchased of his Uncle Thomas Jessey The Elder of Godalming aforesaid Baker to have and to hold. The said messuage or tenement, garden, orchard, watercourse, Backside, Barnes, Buildings, appurtenances, the reverc§n and reverc§ns remainder and remainders therever and of every pte and pcell there unto the said Joshua Joyce his heirs and assigns and fully to compleat  and end yealdinge and paying herefore unto the said Thomas Jessey the younger his heirs assigns one pepper-corne  only on or near the feast day of St Thomas the apostle  next end the date thereof if it shall be lawfully demanded to the intent that by vertue of these psents and of the statute made for transferring of use into psession the said Joshua Joyce may be in the actuall possession of the aid messuage, tenement, garden, orchard, watercourse, Backside, Barnes, buildings, hereditaments and other pmises and of either of them with their and every of theire appurtenances and may be enabled a grant and release of the reverc§n and inheritance either of to be may Joshua Joyce and of his heirs and assigns for ever in Witness whereof the pties first above, together or interchangeably theire hands and seals have set dated the day & year above written.

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