Will of John Terry 'the Elder' of Stockton, Wiltshire 1625



Will of John Terry - April 25, 1625 From The Ancestry of Frances Maria Goodman (1829-1912),by Harrison Black (Boston, 2001), pages 485-86.


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I John Terry of Stockton in the county of Wylte Clearke beinge moved wth the consideration of my owne mortalitie not knowinge whether it wyll please God to gyue me the like memory hereafter as now at this present I haue by the goodnes and mercy of God Doe make and ordayne this my last wyll and Testanent in mann' and forme followinge That is to say First I commend my soul into the hands of Almightie God my Creatour and to Jesus Christ my redeemer by whose merits I doe beleeue that I haue a free remission of all my syns And my body I doe beleeue that Chirst wyll rayse againe at the Resurrection of the Just and wyll make it like his glorious body And my wyll isthat it shalbe buryed in the Church Yard of Stockton as neere the parsonage house as it may conveniently be Concerninge those goods that God hath blessed mee wthall I do dispose of them as followeth Imprimus I gyue and bequeath to John Terry my eldest sonne my signet Item to my sonne Samuell Terry twentie shillings Item to my son Josiah Terry twenty shillings Item I gyue and bequeathto my sonne Nathaniel Terry all my bookes exceptinge such of them as my wyfe shall make choise of for her owne vse Item I gyue to my sonne Stephen Terry twenty shillings Item I gyue to my brother James Terry of London Peutewrer fyuepounds Item I gyue to my servant Philip Stephens ten shillings Itm I gyue to myservant Edward Itery ten shillings Itm I gyue to my servant Jane Brasyer tenshillings Itm I gyue to my servant Sarah Brasyer ten shillings Item I gyue andbequeath vnto the Church Wardens and overseers of the poore of the parish of Longe Sutton in the County of South where I was borne and to their successours for euer to be bestowed and employed for the vse and benefit of the poore of that parish one annuitie or yearly rent of twenty six shillings and eight pencewch is due vnto mee out of a certayne tenement or house lyinge in Alton in the said county of South nowe or lately in the tenure of Robert Hobs and Laurence Mathew The evidences for the securitie of the whitch foresayd annuitie are in the hands of my brother Thomas Terry of Longe Sutton aforesayd Item I gyue vntothe poore of the parish of Stockton forty shillings to be distributed amongethem accordinge to the discretion of my Executor and that to be vpon the eveninge before my funerall Item I gyue and bequeath to the church-wardens of Stockton where I now dwell and to their successours these debts followinge and due vnto me from these men followinge That is to say twenty nobles due vnto meefrom Jerom Goffe of Stockton for certayne tythes wch are as yet vnpayd Andthree pounds due vnto mee from John Gardener of Stockton for an old debt of hisfathers wch he is bound to paye by byll of his owne And one noble more in mony to be deliu'ed by my Executour togeather wth the bylls of the forsayd Goffe andGardiner into the hands of the churchwardens of Stockton aforesayd to be imployed by the sayd churchwardens togeather wth the supervision and direction of the cheif of the parish of Stockton for the vse and benefit of the parish Clerke of the sayd Stockton for euer for an encouragement and tye vnto him to teach the youth and the children of the sayd parish of Stockton the points of Catechisme and grounds of religion published and established by Authoritie in this Kingdome on Sundayes and Holy Dayes between morninge and eveninge prayerwhen and as often as the sayd youth and children shall for that purpose be sentto the Church vnto him Item I gyue to my brother in law John Whyte Rector of Dorchester my two gownds and to my brother in law Stephen Whyte of Stanton in the county of Oxford Gentleman my best cloake wth two (John and Stephen Whyte) I doe by these presente make and constitute the overseers of this my last will and testament All the rest of my goods chattels and creditte whatsoeu' of what kind or nature so euer they be or whatsoeuer I gyue and bequeath vnto my loveing wife Mary whome I do heerby appoint make and constitute sole EXECUTRIX of this my last wyil and tstament In witness whereof I set to my hand and sealethe fyue and twentieth day of Aprill in the yeare of our Lord 1625. John TerryWitnesses:John Lee Rector of Wilie hujus scriptorChristopher Potticary


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