Will of John Hodges of Warnes in Dymock, Gloucestershire Proved 1659



In the name of God Amen

The sixteenth daie of November in ye yere of our Lord

one Thousand Six Hundred fiftie fower I John Hodges the elder

of Warnes within ye parish of Dymock and Countie of Gloucs

yeoman being of good and perfect mind and memorie (thanks

be given to Allmightie God) doe make ordeine and declare this my

present last will and testament in manner and forme following that

is to saie First and most principallie I Commend my Soule into ye

hands of God the Omnipotent Creator of all things from whom I received

the same into this my mortall Bodie in trueli and most undoubtablie hopeing

that through the death and bloodshedding of my blessed Lord and Saviour

Jesus Christ, and for his merits Sake he will receive ye same into his blessed

Kingdome when soever he shall please to seperate it from my bodie truely

beleiving that at the Last daie they shalbe by the unspeakable power of God

againe united to Life forever in his heavenlie habitations to sing his praise ete-

nallie. My bodie I yeild to ye earth from whence it was taken As toucheing

my wordlie goods which God hath endowed me w[i]th I will dispose give

& bequeath as followeth First I give and bequeath unto the poore people of

the said parish of Dimock such as are old impotent lame blind & not able to worke

the Summe of two pounds current monie of England To be given and be distributed amongst

them by my executrix or overseers herein named within one moneth next after my decease

Likewise I give and bequeath unto my daughter Joane Hodges the Summe of five poundes

of Lawfull monie of England to be paid unto her by my executrix within three monethes

next after my decease. Likewise I give and bequeath unto Sarah Hodges my youngest

daughter the summe of Five pounds of Lawfull monie of England to be paid unto

her by my executrix within Three monethes next after my decease. Likewise I

give and bequeath unto my daughter Anne Hodges and my said daughter

Sarah Hodges all and everie such other my summe or Summes of monie as shalbe

in my custodie and keeping immediatelie before my decease and if such other

summes of monie as shalbe oweing unto me by anie person or persons whatsoever

either by specialtie or otherwise the same to be paid and also equallie parted and

divided betweene them portion and portion like by my executrix within three monethes

next after my decease. Likewise I give unto William Hodges my sonne and heir

apparent the Table bord and Frame standing in the parlor with the Formes

and Benches there ye which my will is should remaine as Standards in my

Howse at Warnes to him and his Heires forever. Likewise I doe give unto my

said sonne William One Bedstead being in the litle chamber over the parlor

& one litle Table board in the great Chamber. Likewise my will is that all ye rest

& residue of my goods Cattles Chattles and Howsehold stuffe as well moveable

as unmoveable of what kind nature or qualitie soever the same be or hereafter

shalbe my funerall expences discharged shalbe & remaine unto Anne Hodges my

now Wife for her owne necessarie use dureing her naturall life. And after her

decease to be equallie parted and divided amongst my said daughters vizt Joane

Hodges, Anne Hodges and Sarah Hodges by such of my overseers as shalbe

then living or by anie other freinds which my said daughters shall think fitt

Provided allwaies & it is my true intent will and meaning that if the said

Anne Hodges my now wife doe or shall at anie Time after my decease give over

howse keeping at Warnes & shall so write ordein  her self either with her ... or

elsewhere then my will is that the one half of all my aforesaid howsehold

goods which was to remaine to Anne my said wife in manner and forme afore-

said shall then presentlie Remaine and Come and by my Executrix or overseers

be equallie divided amongst my aforesaid daughters anie guift or devise to the

Contrarie in aniewise notwithstanding. And if it shall happen anie of my said

daughters to depart this life before she or they shall have received their said portions

either of goods or monie That then my will is that the portion or Portions part or

parts of them or either of them so dying both of monie and goods shall remaine

& come and be due and payable unto such of my said daughters before menconed

as shalbe then surviving equallie to be divided amongst them. And I doe con-

stitute ordaine & make ye said Anne Hodges my now wife sole executrix of this

my last will and testament & my trust is and loving freindes and Sonnes in Lawe

Richard Hill, John Cleline? and William Nelm overseers desireing them and

either of them in the name of God as much as in them lyeth to see this my

last will & testament duelie and ?olie in all & everie respect performed

according unto my true meaning and the trust in them reposed. And I doe hereby

give and bequeath onto each & everie of them the Summe of tenne Shillings

for theire paines and conscience to be susteyned. In witness whereof I

have hereunto set my hand and Seale even the daie and yere first above

written. John Hodges his marke. Sealed and published as my last will &

Testament in the presence of John Cam, John Cam the younger of the Farm,

Anne Cam her marke


This will was proved at London the

tenth daie of Februarie one thowsand six hundred fiftie eight before

the Judges for probate of wills and graunting administracons lawfullie

authorized By the oath of Anne Hodges the Relict and sole Executrix named

in the said will To whom was Committed administracon of all & singular

the goods chattles and debts of the said deceased she being first sworne by

Commission well and truelie to administer the same


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