Will of John Brewster of Gloucester 1605     PCC Will



In the name of God Amen the fourteenth of Marche one

sixe hundred and fyve I John Brewster beying not all together in perfect healthe of

bodye but I prayse my Lord god of perfect memorye I give and bequeathe my soule into the hands

of my most mercifull Savyoure Jesus Christe by whome and in whome I truste to be saved

by hys Deathe and passion not by any one meritt of myne but by hys greate mercye showed

ro me a poore synner. Allso I bequeathe my bodye to the earthe wheresoever it shall please my Redem

I give and bequeathe to the parishe churche of the Holie Trinity tenne shillings. Allso I give

to some godlie preacher thirtie shillinges to be paid to hym for three sermons the one of them to be

at my Funerall the other two at some convenient tymes in the parishe churche of Trinity at the

will of my exexutors when they shall thinke yt convenyent. Allso I give and bequeathe to the

poore of this Citie fower pounds that is to saye thirtene shillings fower pence To the Bartholmew

and to the Almes Houses in Trinity parish fower shillinges. And to the Margarets fower shillings

And to Sannt Bembroys three shillinges And all therefore the two less of the aforesayed

fower pounds to be deliver to the pooreste if the Citie. Allso I do give and bequeathe to my

Sonne Lawrence Brewster my house that standeth in Southegate streete called by the name

of the Ramme wherein dwelleth Richard Hayes the Cutler. And allso I give and bequeathe

to the sayed Lawrence Brewster one hundred pounds of good ans lawfull to be paid to the

sayed Lawrence at or within three months after his marriage, But my will ys that yf the lawe

case my house that is in longe smithe streete that Mr Phillipp Norton dwelleth yn then my will ys that the sayed

Lawrence Brewster shall have no hundred pounds at all for then the sayed Lawrence ys well

enough provided for alreadye. Allso I give and bequeath to Briget Brewster the daughter of

John Brewster tenne pounds And I give to Kathrine Brewster the second daughter of the

sayed John Brewster tenne pounds. And allso I give and bequeathe to Johane Brewster the

youngest daughter of John Brewster tenne poundes. Allso I give Sara Cooke the eldest

                         And also I give & bequeath to Bridgett Cooke the second daughter of the said  Stephen tenn poundes

daughter of Stephen Cooke tenne pounds^ Allso I give and bequeathe to Stephen Cooke the

Sonne of Stephen Cooke tenne pounds. My will ys that all these moneys belonging to the

said six children shalbe payed to the sayed children at the age of one and twenty yeres yf

they do not marrye before that age. But yf they shall marrye at eighteene yeres then

my will ys that the sayed have theire moneys at the daye of theire marriage

or within one month followinge. And yf any of the sayed children shall chanice to dye

in the time of theire nonage -  then my will is that the survivors of the sayed

childe of children shall have the deceased childes or childrens Legacys to be devided by

even portions to the same children that then shall live. And allso I give and bequeath

to Stephen Cooke and Johane his wife twentie pounds to be paied within three moneths

after my Funerall ended. And I give and bequeath to every one of my servannts that thenn

shall serve me tenne shillinges the peece to be paied to them within three moneths after

my Funerall: And for my overseers I appoynte my good friends Mr Thomas Harvye and

Edward Elliott, and for their paynes herein I give and bequeathe to every one of them

Tenne shillinges the peece in token of my good will towards them. And allso for my full

and whole executors I appoynte my wife Katherine Brewster and my eldest sonne

John Brewster to whome I give all my goodes Leases and tenements beying discharged

And so I praye to my Lorde and Savyoure Jesus Christe to give them my good and thereof &

to his good will and pleasure my onlie Lorde and Savyoure Amen Amen: for Christes

sake. By me John Brewster senior the 14th of March 1605. finis


Probatum fuit testamentum suprascriptum apud London coram

venerabili viro domino Johanne Benet milite legum doctore Curie Prerogat

Cantuare[sis] Magistro Custode sive Comissario legitime constituto sexto die mensis

Decembris Anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo decimo Juramento Katherine relicte et

Johannis Brewster filii n[atu]ralis et legitim dicti defuncti et executorum in eodem testo

nominat Quibus commissa fuit Administraco bonorum ? et Creditorum dicti defuncti

de bene et fideliter administrand &c sancta dei Evangelia vigore Commissionis in ea

parte als Emanate Jurat


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