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John & Stephen Terry v Henry & Dorothy Braborn This lawsuit’ is a type of property deal selling the properties and advowson to the first two for two hundred pounds

(Disclaimer - my ability to transcribe is hindered by my negligible Latin)

  1. Hec est finalis Concordia f[ac]ta in Cur[ia] d[o]m[ine] Regis apud Westm[inster] a die Pasche in
  2. quindecim dies Anno regnon Carolis dei gra[tia] Angl[ia] Scocie Franc & Hibnie
  3. Regis fidei defensor etc A Conqu[est] quarto Coram Thoma Richardson Rico
  4. Hutton Francisco Hardye Georgio Croke & Henr Yelderton Justic[ius] & Alys d[o]m[ino]
  5. Regis fidelibus anno? Idi? psentibus Ju[ra]t Jhon Terrie & Stephen Terrie quer[ent] et
  6. Henr[icu]s Braborne? & Dorotheam Uxem  eus deforc[iant] de duobus messuagis duobus horreus une
  7. Columbar[ium] duo gasme duo pomarie decem acris t[er]re quatuos acris pratis Septem acris
  8. pasturs duabus acris bestis & quadraginta acre Jampneys & bruere cum ptid in Warfeild &
  9. Winckfeild ac de R[ec]toria de Warfeild cum ptin necneid de Adno advocacie vicario eccliede
  10. Warfeild unde pl[ac]itus convenci[one]s sum fuit int[e]r eos in eadem cur Sci[ci]l[e]t q[uo]d p[re]d[ic]to Henr[icus] &
  11. Dorothea recogn pdtas ten & r[ec]toriam cum ptin et advocacem pdtam esse ius ipiud Johes et ill que ydem
  12. Johes & Stephus hens de bono pdcou Henr & Dorothee a iff remises & quietclaim
  13. De ipid Henr & Dorothea & hereds suis pdcta Johs & Stephu & hereds ipius Johis
  14. Warant pdctd Johs & Stepho & hereds ipiud Johis pdca ten & rcoriam et advocacie cum ptin cand pdta
  15. Henr & Dorothea & hereds ipiud Henr ac conda hered Johis masden defines pris
  16. Pdcs Dorothee imppm et pro hac recogn remissione quietclam warant fine
  17. Concordia iidem Johes & Stephus dedes pdcs Henr & Dorothee ducentas &
  18. Quadraginto librs sterlingos



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  1. This is the final agreement made in the Court of Lord King at Westminster on the day of Easter in
  2. fifteenth Year of the Reign of Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland France & Ireland
  3. King defender of the faith etc after the Conquest before Thomas Richardson Richard
  4. Hutton Francis Hardye George Croke & Henry Yelderton justices and other lords
  5. Loyal to the king there present swore John Terrie and Stephen Terrie complainants and
  6. Henry Braborne & Dorothy his wife deforciants of two messuages two barns one
  7. dovecot two gasme two fruit trees ten acres of land four acres of meadows seven acres
  8. pastures two acres bestis forteen acres furze & heath with the apppurtenances in Warfield &
  9. Winkfield ac of Rectory of Warfield with the appurtenances of Adne advowson of vicar of the church of
  10. Warfield whence a plea of contract was summoned between them in the same Court that is to say aforesaid Henry &
  11. Dorothy acknowledged said tenement  & rectory with appurtenances and advowson aforesaid to be  the right of them
  12. John & Stephen Henry of the goods aforesaid Henry & Dorothy and those remised & quitclaimed
  13. of same Henry & Dorothy & heirs that aforesaid John & Stephen & heirs of said John
  14. Warrant the aforesaid John & Stephen & heirs of the aforesaid John aforesaid tenement rectory and advowson with appurtenances cand aforesaid
  15. Henry & Dorothy & the heirs of Henry ac conda heirs of John masden defines
  16. aforesaid Dorothy for ever and for this recognizance remission quitclaim warrant fine
  17. agreement the same John & Stephen gave the aforesaid Henry & Dorothy two hundred &
  18. forty pounds Sterling




Disclaimer between my poor transcription skills and my negligible Latin, I am certain to have mangled this

Some further work will be done.

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