John Lee and Mary Cook - my great great grandparents



John Lee was born on 27th April 1811 in Upper Bridge, Upperthong and was baptised on 26th May 1811 at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease. His parents were George Lee, a shoemaker, and Ann Whitehead.

Mary Cook was born on 1 Dec 1806 at Scar Fould, Upperthong, Yorkshire, and was baptised on 27th December 1806 at Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel. She was the daughter of Jonas Cook and Esther née Charlesworth.

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John and Mary married on 14 Oct 1833 at Holmfirth. John generally termed himself a cordwainer or cordswainer, a kind of superior shoemaker, who worked with cordovan leather. My Great grandmother Ann Lee remembered have to walk across the moors as a girl to deliver his shoes. Mary died on August 22nd 1850 in Uppermill, Upperthong, after childbirth (presumably the child not surviving). She was buried on 28th August 1850 at St John The Evangelist, Upperthong. Now an event that probably affected the family occurred in 1852, when there was a terrible flood in the Holme Valley, caused by the bursting of a dam after heavy rains. Many lived were lost. At some point John had not only left Yorkshire but remarried as by 1861, he is living in Glossop, Derbyshire. His new wife is called Ann, whose occupation in the Census was given as sick in bed. She has been found to be Ann Thewlis nee Botly (or possibly Batly). They married on 5th May 1853 at Whitfield in Derbyshire, which is on the ourskirts of Glossop. Unfortunately Ann soon died, on the 6th May 1861 at WatersideTheir children were as follows: -

Mary Ann Lee was born on 20th February 1834 at Underbank, Holmfirth, and baptised on 30th March 1834 at Holmfirth. Mary married Benjamin Donkersley, a wool spinner, in January quarter 1852. They had 6 children, but Benjamin died in July quarter 1878 in Huddersfield district. Mary Anne remarried in March quarter 1881 in Huddersfield district. It is uncertain when Mary died.

Hannah Lee was born on 2nd June 1836 at Holmfirth and was baptised on 10th June 1836 at Holmfirth. Hannah died in June 9151 and was buried on the 22nd June 8151 at St John the Evangelist, Upperthong.

Martha Lee was born in October quarter 1839 in Upperthong. Martha married Joshua Hoyland, originally a joiner and also from Yorkshire, in June quarter 1864, in Hayfield district. They had 10 children. Martha died in September quarter 1914 in Glossop district.

Emma Lee was born in March quarter 1842 in Upperthong. Emma married Thomas Haigh, also from Yorkshire and who worked in cotton mills, in December quarter 1864 at St James, Glossop, Derbyshire. They had two daughters, Mary born in 1867 in Stocksbridge Yorkshire, and Sarah Ellen born in March quarter 1868 in Hadfield, Derbyshire. Sarah Ellen was known as Sally. Neither daughter married. Emma died in December quarter 1928 in Glossop district. My mother rememberd Sally as tall and thin and Mary as short and plump, and they used to come and visit Ann, their aunt

Alice Lee was born in January 1845 in Upperthong. Alice married Nathaniel Crossland in December 1865 in Wortley district, Yorkshire. They had 4 children. Alice died in September quarter 1917 in Wortley district.

Ann Lee, my great grandmother, was born on 8th February 1848 at Upper Mill, Upperthong. She married firstly William Aldous in September quarter 1866 in Ashton, Lancashire. They had two children, Fred Aldous, born on 7th December 1872 at Talbot Road Glossop. Fred was an under manager in a mine and served in the Pioneer Corps in WW1, laas a mine manager in Sandarkan, Sabah, Borneo, and theand Sarah (Sadie) Aldous, born September quarter 1877 in Penistone, Yorkshire. William apparently died some time after 1881. Ann married Edward Jackson, a mine manager, on 30th May 1896 at Christchurch, Macclesfield. They had two children, born well before the marriage. Harry Jackson, born 1st March 1890 at Wood End Lane, Hyde, Cheshire, and Annie Jackson, born 22nd July 1892 at 20 Higher Henry Street, Hyde. Edward died on 1st June 1921 at Bredbury. Ann died on 6th February 1948 at Shepperton, Middlesex. See more here.

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Photos of Holy Trinity Holmfirth and St John the Evangelist, Upperthong may be seen here

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