James Leah and Jane Hall - my great great great grandparents


James Leah was born on 15th December 1804, and was baptised on 28th January 1805 at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel (otherwise known as Gee Cross Unitarian). His mother was Mary Leah, and father unknown. Jane Hall was born on 11th May 1805 at Rowarth near Hayfield, Derbyshire, and baptised in April 1805 at St Mary's Independent at Glossop. Her parents were Joseph Hall and Mary (or Molly or Malley) Sikes.

James and Jane married on 9th Jun 1825 at St Michaelís, Mottram in Longdendale, Cheshire. James was a cotton dresser. The family lived in Werneth. James died in April 1871 in Stockport district, and was buried at Gee Cross Unitarian Church, and Jane died in March 1873 also in Stockport district, and was also buried at Gee Cross Unitarian Church.

James and Janeís children were as follows: -

Christopher Hall Leah, my great great grandfather, was born on 14th July 1826 at Werneth, and baptised 16th July 1826 at Hyde Presbyterian Chapel. He married Hannah wood on 11th April 1847 at St Maryís Cheadle. Christopher was variously a cotton weaver, a labourer, an ostler, and a domestic servant. He and Hannah had two children Jane and Eliza, see here. From at least 1881 he appeared to leave Hannah and work and live on his own in Hayfield Derbyshire. Hannah died on 2nd August 1891 at 10 Bottom Road, Godley, Cheshire. Christopher returned to Cheshire before his death, and died on 5th February 1896 in Stockport Workhouse, and was buried on 8th February 1896 at St John the Baptist, Godley.

John Leah was born on 26th February 1828 at Werneth, and baptised at Gee Cross Unitarian on 9th March 1828. He worked in Cotton Mills, did not marry, and died in Stockport First subdistrict in 1864.

Mary Leah was born on 28th February 1828  at Werneth, and baptised on 14th March 1830 at Gee Cross Unitarian Church. She married Mark Oldfield on 10th Feb 1850 at Manchester Cathedral. They had two daughters, Eliza born 1854 and Elizabeth born 1857. Eliza married William Baddeley in 1874 at St Maryís Stockport, and Elizabeth possibly to Edward Hampson. Mysteriously Mark and Mary disappeared and Eliza and Elizabeth were brought up by their grandparents. A Mary Leah appears as a sister with James Leah jun in 1891 - she is also only 48.

Elizabeth Leah was born on 30th September 1832, and baptised on 25th October 1832 at Gee Cross Unitarian Church. After working as a weaver she was servant to her widowed sister Phoebe, and a housekeeper in Werneth, did not marry, and died on 11th April 1897 in Stockport Workhouse.

Phebe Leah was born on 22nd October 1834 in Werneth, and baptised on 23rd November 1834 at Gee Cross Unitarian Church. Phebe married John Powell in 1865 at St Lawrenceís Denton. They had 4 children. John died in March quarter 1880 in Ashton under Lyne district. Phebe lived in Haughton and died in March quarter 1899 in Ashton under Lyne district.

William Leah was born on 3rd February 1837 in Hyde, and baptised on 12th February 1837 at Gee Cross Unitarian Church. James married Ann Sophie Lee on 20th November 1858 at St Maryís Stockport. They had 6 children. William was a police office, and became a sergeant. Ann died in March quarter 1899, and William died in June quarter 1900, both in Oldham.

Samuel Leah was born in April quarter 1839 in Werneth. He married Sarah Barker on 26th October 1868 at St Paulís Portwood. They had two children, John Samuel born 1871, and Mary born 1875. Samuel was a cab driver. He died in July quarter 1891, and Sarah died in April quarter 1898, both in Stockport district.

Ann Leah was born in December quarter 1841 in Werneth. she married Fred Hampson on 23rd February 1868 at St Paulís Portwood. They had three children, James born 1869. William Edward, born 1872, and Mary Hampson born 1884. Fred was a hatter. Ann died in 1912, and Fred 1914 in Hyde subdistrict.

James Leah was born in 1844 in Werneth. He married Eliza Walker on 25th April 1869 at St Paulís Portwood. They had two children, Joseph, born 1870 and Walter born 1877. Eliza died in July quarter 1880 in Stockport second subdistrict. James died in 1919 in Stockport first subdistrict. James was a shoemaker.


 A postcard showing Gerrards, where the Leah family lived

See a Picture of Hyde Presbyterian Chapel, also known as Gee Cross Unitarian Church at this site, and one here on his son's page. Note however that the current church was built in 1846. The Church's own website is here

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