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Joshua Joyce & John Hayes v George Hart, Jane Hart,, Thomas Jessoppe and Elizabeth his wife - This lawsuit’ is a type of property deal selling the three houses and land to the first two for two hundred pounds

(Disclaimer - my ability to transcribe is hindered by my negligible Latin)

1.   Hec est finalis concordia f[ac]ta in cur[ia] d[omi]no Regine apud Westm[inster] A die s[anc]te trinitatis in quindecim dies Anno Regner Anne dei gr[a]t[ia  Angl Scocie
2.   Franc & hibne Regine fides defens et A[nno?] reign quinte coram Thoma Trever Johe Blancowe Robte Tracy & Robte Deyner Justic & Aliis d[omi]ne
3.   Regine fidelib[us] tunc ibi  p[re]sentib[us] Ju[ra]t Josuam Joyce & Johan Hayes quer[entem] et Georgm Hart g[en]er[o]sum Janam Hart spinster & Thomam Jessoppe &
4.   Elizabeth Uxom ons deforc de trib[us]  mesuagirs trib[us] Stabulis ?eg??mo* vigints acrs t[er]re decem acrs prats vigints acres prats vigints acrs pasture
5.   decem acris bests quadraginta acris Iampner & bruere & coa pasture p[er]sonib[us] an qs cum p[ert]tin[enciis] in Godalming & Wonersh unde Pl[ac]itum
6.   convenc[ion]es sum[monitum] fuit int[er] eos in eadem cur[iam], sc[ici]l[e]t q[uo]d p[re]d[ict]ei Georgms & Jana & Thomas & Elizabeth recogn[verunt] p[re]dicta[m] ten[ementa] & coram
7.   pasture cum p[ert]tin[enciis] esse nis ipius Josue ut ill que idem Josua & Johes h[ab]eit de dono p[re]d[i]c[t]or Georgir & Jane & Thome & Elizabeth
8.   et ill[a] remiser & quietclam de ip[s]is Georgis & Jana & Thomas & Elizabeth & hered[ibus] su[i]s p[re]d[i]c[t]is Josue & Johs & hered ipius Josue
9.   imp[er]p[etuu]m et p[re]d[i]c[t]a idem Georgms concessit p[ro] se & hered sus q[uo]d ipi warant p[re]d[i]c[t]is Josue & Johs & hered ip[s]uis Josuo p[re]d[i]c[t]a
10.   tels & coram pasture cum p[ert]tin[enciis] cont p[re]d[ict]an Georgm & hered sues imp[er]pe[tua]m et ultims eadem Jana concessit p[ro] se & hered
11.   suis q[uo]d ip[s]i warant p[re]d[i]c[t]is Josue & Johe & hereds ipuis q[uo]d ip[s]i warant p[re]d[i]c[t]is Josue & Johe & hereds ipms Josue pdca
12.   hered suos imp[er]p[etua]m  Stinsip iidem Thomas & Elizabeth concesser p[ro] se &  hered ipuis Thoms q[uo]d ipi warant p[re]dic[ti]s Josue
13.   & Johs & hered ipius Joshe p[re]di[ct]a ten & coram tastine x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x  cum ptin contm p[red]d[i]c[t]am Thomam & Elizabeth
14.   & hered ipius Thome hered i[m]p[erpetua]m et onam iidem Thomas & Elizabeth conceller p se & hered ipius Elizabeth q[uo]d ip[si] warant pdas
15.   Josue & Johs & hered ipius Josue p[re]d[i]c[t]a ten[ement] & onam pasture cum p[er]tin[enciis] contm p[re]d[i]c[t]os Thomam & Elizabeth & hered ipius
16.   Elizabeth imp[er]p[etua]m  Et p[ro] hac recogn[icione] remissione quietclam Warant fine & concordia iidem Josuas & Johes deder p[re]d[i]c[t]as
17.   Georgis Jane & Thomae & Elizabeth dicentas libr[as] sterlinger

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Disclaimer between my poor transcription skills and my negligible Latin, I am certain to have mangled this

1.   This is the final concord made in the court of the Lady Queen at Westminster on fifteen days before the day of holy Trinity in the year of Queen Anne by the grace of god of England Scotland
2.   France & Ireland Queen defender of the faith etc in the reign five before Thomas Trevor, John Blancowe, Robert Tracy, & Robert Deyner, and other Lords
3.   faithful to the Queen  then and there present swore Joshua Joyce and John Hayes complainants and George Hart gentleman Jane Hart spinster & Thomas Jessoppe
4.   Elizabeth his wife deforciants of three messuages three stables ? twenty acres land ten acres meadow twenty acres pasture
5.   ten acres (bests) forty acres furze & heath & (coa) pasture (p?onib[us]) (acdirs) with appurtenances in Godalming & Wonersh whence  a plea
6.   of contract was summoned between them in the same court, that is to say  George & Jane & Thomas & Elizabeth have acknowledged the aforesaid tenements & with
7.   pasture with apurtenances to be (nis) of him Joshua  as those which the same Joshua & John & heirs have the gift of the aforesaid George & Jane & Thomas & Elizabeth
8.   and those remised & quitclaimed of them George and Jane & Thomas & Elizabeth & heirs for the aforesaid Joshua & John & heirs of the said Joshua
9.   for ever and the aforesaid same George has granted for them & their heirs that he will warrant  the aforesaid Joshua & John & heirs of  the aforesaid Joshua
10.   (tels) &  with the  pasture with the appurtenances against the aforesaid George & his heirs for ever and finally Jane has granted for them & their heirs
11.   that she will warrant the aforesaid Joshua & John & their heirs that they will warrant the aforesaid Joshua and John and aforesaid heirs of Joshua
12.   and their heirs for ever. (Stinslip) the same Thomas & Elizabeth granted for them & their heirs Thomas that he will warrant to the aforesaid Joshua
13.   & John & heirs of Joshua aforesaid tenements before pasture with appurtenances against the aforesaid Thomas & Elizabeth
14.   & the heirs  of Thomas for ever & (onam) the same Thomas & Elizabeth has granted for them & heirs the said Elizabeth that they will warrant the said
15.   Joshua & John & heirs of the aforesaid Joshua tenement with the pasture with appurtenances (contm) aforesaid Thomas and Elizabeth & heirs of the said
16.   Elizabeth for ever And for this recognizance remission quitclaim warrant fine & agreement the same Joshua & John gave the aforesaid
17.   George Jane & Thomas & Elizabeth two hundred pounds sterling

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