John Holmes and Susannah Probert - my great great great grandparents


John Holmes and Susannah Probert were married at Claines in Worcestershire on 27th Sep 1812. John has been traced to be the son of John Holmes and Ann, baptised in Droitwich on 23rd January 1791, but Susannah has not been traced. There is a possible baptism for John Holmes in the IGI on 23rd January 1791 at St Andrew, Droitwich with parents John Holmes and Ann. John, Susannah and family clearly moved from Worcester to Birmingham between 1822 and 1826, and had the three surviving children rebaptised at St Phillipís, Birmingham. As they only appear in the 1841 Census in Moor Street, Waterloo Place, Birmingham, it is only known that they were not born in Warwickshire. John Holmes was a brushmaker, a trade he passed on to several descendants. The death Susannah has not been found, John was buried on 17th December 1848 at St Phillips, Birmingham.

Their children are as follows: -

John Holmes was baptised at St Peterís Worcester on 30th May 1815. He was buried at St Martinís Worcester on 30th January 1822

Elizabeth Holmes was born in Worcester on 27th March 1819 and baptised on 31st March 1819 at St Peterís Worcester. She was re-baptised at St Phillipís Birmingham on 11th October 1830. She may have married but this has not been found.

William Holmes, my great great grandfather, was born in Worcester on 11th October 1820 and baptised at St Peterís on 15th November 1820. He was re-baptised on 11th October 1830 at St Phillipís Birmingham. By 1841 he was a brushmaker. Nearby were living the family of his future wife Caroline Whateley, whom he married on 28th April 1842 at Edgbaston. They had 13 children see here for the details. William had moved back to Worcester by his death in April quarter 1880, possibly earlier, as a daughter Caroline married in Worcestershire in 1876. Caroline died in Warwick district in March quarter 1867, or possibly in 1864. See more here

Harriett Holmes was baptised on 4th September 1822 at St Peterís Worcester.  She was re-baptised on 11th Oct 1830 at St Phillipís, Birmingham. Harriett married Samuel Clarke on 5th October 1846 at St Phillipís Birmingham.

John George Holmes was born on 19th February 1826 in Birmingham. He was baptised on 27th February 1827 at St Phillipís Birmingham. In 1841 he was a brushmaker and in 1851 he was a wine merchant still in Moor Street, the same are of Birmingham. It is not know what happened to him after that

Thomas Holmes was born on 27th January 1828 and baptised on 11th October 1830 at St Phillipís. Thomas married Isabella Powell in March quarter 1851 in Birmingham district. They had 7 children. Thomas was a brushmaker. He lived until at least 1881. The whole family disappears at this point

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