James Douglass in Chertsey



The watchmakers businesses of  James Douglas  ca 1730-1805 and 1765-1735 were located in Chertsey. I have been interested for some time to find out where they were located.  Notes located in Chertsey Museum suggested that a previous researcher called Bernard Baker had tried to locate them too.

The later watch and clockmaker Cartwright of Chertsey had suggested they were located at 128 Guildford Street, though this seems to be incorrect as no Douglas seems to be a tenant in 1800.

The property seems to belong to the Crown in 1771. A survey conducted by Ride reports
’Mr Douglas Tenant. A house in Guildford Street in Chertsey. Present Rent £6 pr year. Lease expires Michms 1773.
This house is in good repair as the present tenant has layd out within this twelvemonth £50 In the repairs.

Mr Douglas will give £9 pr year for 21 years lease and keep in repair which I think is as much as he should give"            £9/0/0

There was a large sale of Crown land taking place in 1828

The Manor of Chertsey Beomond

Specifications of the Above

Desirable and Important Freehold Properties

The sale was conducted on two days, main sale on 24.6.1828 in London and lesser properties on 25.6.1828 at the Swan Inn in Chertsey

The sale particulars mention that all tenants were given notice

The Lot is described as follows: -


A Freehold Dwelling House brick built and tiled, with a frontage of 25 feet. Comprising two parlors, shop, workshop, small cellar and five sleeping rooms. In the yard is a small building used as a back kitchen with a wood shed.

The above is in the occupation of Mr James Douglas, at the very low annual rent of £16, under an agreement for a term of which 4 years will be unexpired at Michaelmas next.

The two adjacent properties have frontages of 32 and 25 feet, so James Douglas’s property can be taken to start at 57 feet from the King’s Head towards the centre of Chertsey. Lot XXVI was bought by John Vickery Broughton

The previous researcher suggested that property would seem to occupy 111-113 Guildford Street Chertsey in modern numbering. At the present date there are three properties numbered 109, and it appears to be one of these (though maybe not the same building).

The property occupied by James Douglass appears to be covered by both the passage

and the shop to the right. The left side of the blue upright is approx 57 ft from the King’s Head


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