Jonas Cook and Esther Charlesworth - my great great great grandparents


Jonas Cook was born in about 1778 in Upperbridge in Thong. He was baptised at Holmfirth Chapel of Ease on 7th October 1778. His parents were Matthew Cook, a clothier, and Betty née Crosland. Esther Charlesworth was born at Cliff in Wooldale in1783 and was baptised on the 1st June 1783, daughter of Joshua Charlesworth and Mary Jaggar.

Jonas and Esther married on 14th Feb 1802 at All Hallows, Almondbury. Judging by the birthplaces of their children, they lived in Upper Bridge, Scar Fould, and Upperthong. Unfortunately none of the parish records give Jonas’s occupation. Esther died in 1826, and was buried on 14th March 1826 at Holy Trinity Holmfirth. Jonas died in 1829 in Holmfirth and was buried on 8th April 1829.

Their children were:-

Matthew Cook was born on 20th October 1803 in Upperbridge. He was baptised on 13th November 1803 at Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel. He died in 1805 in Holmfirth and was buried in Holy Trinity, Holmfirth on 25th July 1805.

Hannah Cook was baptised in 1805 at Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel. She died in 1808 at Upper Bridge in Holmfirth and was buried on 20th January 1808 at Holy Trinity Holmfirth.

Mary Cook, my great great grandmother, was born on 1st December 1806 at Scar Fould. She was baptised on 27th December 1806 at Holmfirth Wesleyan 11Chapel. She married John Lee, a cordwainer, on 14th October 1833 at Holy Trinity, Holmfirth. They had 6 children, see here. They lived at Underbank and Upperthong. Mary died in July quarter 1850 at Upperthong. She was buried at St John the Evangelist, Upperthong, on 28th August 1850. John remarried an Ann, who died in June quarter 1861 in Hayfield district. John had moved to Glossop between 1851 and 1861. He died in June quarter 1878 in Hayfield district.

Betty Cook was born on 22nd November 1808 at Upperbridge, and was baptised on 1st December 1808 at Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel. Betty’s whereabouts after this are not known.

Sarah Cook was born on 30th October 1817 at Upper Bridge, Upperthong. She was baptised at Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel, on 30th November 1817. She never married and worked as a wool carder, wool scribbler, and chairwoman. She had two children to unknown fathers. She died in March quarter 1885 in Huddersfield district, and was buried at St John the Evangelist, Upperthong, on 7th February 1885. Her children were Henry Cook, born March quarter 1846 and died May 1873, and Jonas Cook, born June quarter 1853 and died June 1870.

George Cook was born on 28th January 1820 at Scarfould, and unlike his sibling baptised at Holy Trinity Holmfirth on 4th Jan 1821. He was a wool slubber or scribbler at Huddersfield, although seems to have become a hawker before his death. He died on 25th July 1882, being found by Police Constable Carr in St John's Road, Huddersfield. He was buried at Christchurch, Woodhouse, Huddersfield. He had been married to Lydia who died in 1877. They had had 7 children.

Ruth Cook was born on 15th May 1822 at Scarfould, and was baptised on 10th Jun 1822 at Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel. It is not know what happened to Ruth.


Photos of Holy Trinity Holmfirth and St Mary the Virgin Honley may be seen here.

I have not yet tracked down Holmfirth Wesleyan Chapel.

Scar Fould is the street alongside the River Holme where, in the TV show Last of the Summer Wine, Norah Batty and Compo lived. It is quite possibly the same location as Upperbridge.

A picture may be seen here.

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