Jane Hall's ancestry



I have had details of Jane Hall's parents from herson Christopher Hall Leah's noncormist baptism record, held at the National Archives and published online on BMDregisters. This gave Jane's parents as Joseph Hall and Mary. For some time I was unable to locate any baptism or siblings. Janes Census entries gave her birthplace as Hayfield (twice) and Rowarth, which is not far from Hayfield to the north.

Investigation at the above BMDregisters site showed a number of children born to Joseph Hall and Malley or Mally and one to Joseph Hall and Mary. These were at St Mary’s Independent Chapel in Glossop as follows: -

Joseph Hall son Josh Hall & Mally Hall was born & baptized in the year 1793 by me John Whitehead


Christofer Hall Son of Josh Hall & Mally Hall was born and baptized in the year 1796. John Whitehead


Hannah Hall daughter of Joseph Hall and Malley H

Was born March 30th 1801 & Baptized April 27 1801 J Wd


Mary Hall Daughter of Joseph Hall and Mary Hall her mother

was born Aug 4th 1798 & Baptised September 9th 1798 J Whitehead


Jenney Hall daughter of Josh Hall & Malley H

Was born & baptized in the year 1802 J Whitehead


Jenney Hall Daur of Joseph Hall & Mally Hall was born

March 11 1805 & baptized April 1805 John Whitehead

So it appears that Mary may be also Mally or Molly and Jane may be also Jenney.

The marriage of Joseph and Mary was found as follows:-

Joseph Hall married Molly Sikes 29.8.1790 at Glossop Parish Church on Familysearch


Joseph Hall was born in 1757 in Hayfield, to John Hall , the 5th of 10 children.

John Hall's marriage or baptism has not been traced.

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