Will of Jane Trigg of Dorking 1679



In the name of God Amen I Jane Trigge of Dorkeing in the County of Surrey Widdow being sicke and

weake in body but of sound and pfect minde and memory praysed be God therefore doe make and

ordayne this last Will and Testament in manner and forme following (that is to say) First and

principally I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God that gave it me, my body I committ

to the earth from whence it came in assured hopes of a glorious resurrecon at the last day. And as for such

temporall estate as God hath beene pleased to blesse me with all I dispose thereof in manner following

(that is to say) Impris I give and bewueath unto my sonne John Trigge the sume of One hundred

Pounds of lawfull money of England, Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Frances Trigge

the like sume of One hundred pounds of like money, Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne

William Trigge the like some of One hundred poundes of like money, being their severall legacyes

to them given by Henry Trigge their father my late husband, to be payd unto them att their

severall dayes or tymes of paymnt as in and by the sayd Henry Triggs their fathers last Will Testament is

limitted and appoynted, over and above such moneys Costs and Charges as they or any or either of them have

already had of me or putt me too, Item I give and bequeath unto my sayd daughter Frances Trigge my biggest

silver Capp, three paire of sheetes three paire of pillow bers and Holland sheete the blew Curtains and vallence

and the window curtain and the bedd furniture belonging to the bedd in the best chamber. Item I give unto Elizabeth Bothell my mother

in Law one Feather bedd one Feather bolster three pillowes one Rugge two blancketts three paire of sheetes

six pillow bers Curtaines and vallence beddstedle Matt and Cord as it now standeth in the Chamber wherein she

now lodgeth, And my will and meaneing is And I doe hereby appoynt my Sonne Henry Trigge to mainteyne and

keepe the said Elizabeth Bothell dureing her naturall life, And if at any tyme the sayd Elizabeth Bothell

shall goe and live from my said Sonne Henry Trigge Then I give devise and bequeath unto the sayd Elizabeth

Bothell one Annuity or yearly rent of twelve pounds to be yssueing and goeing out of the messuage or Tenemt

and buildings wherein I now dwell situate in Dorkeing aforesayd yearely and every yeare dureing soe long

tyme as she the sayd Elizabeth Bothell shall live from may sayd Sonne Henry Trigge, which shall be in full discharge

and paymt of all and every such Legacy or other guift as was given to her by the last Will and Testamt of my

late husband Henry Trigge. Item I give devise and bequeath unto my sayd Sonne Henry Trigge his

heires and assignes forever All that the sayd messuage or Tenement ediffices and buildings with their and every

of their appurtennces wherein I now live And the revercon and revercons remaynder and remaynders thereof

and all my estate right title equity of redempcon of in or to the same to have and to hold ∟the sayd messuage

                                                                                    subject to the payment of the sayd Elizabeth Bothell as aforesd

or Tenemt and prmisses unto him the sayd Henry Trigge his heires and assignes forever. Item I give devise

and bequeath All these my three severall messuages or Tenemts, yards gardens outhouses ediffices and

buildings with their and every of their appurtenances now in the severall tenures or occupacons of William

Gravett, John Freeland, and William Gates situate in Dorkeing aforesayd unto my Sonne Henry Trigge and my

sonne in Law George Denyer their heires and assignes forever to be by them sold for the raising of moneys

to pay my debts and Legacyes. Item I give and bequeath to my Sonne George Denyer the sume of

Fifteen pounds of lawfull money of England to be payd unto him within six months after my decease

upon Condicon and to the intent and purpose that at the tyme of the paymt thereof he shall give security unto my Sonne Henry Trigge to pay

unto my Sonne Edward Trigge the sume of Twenty Shillings a yeare yearley and every yeare dureing the terme

of his naturall life. Item I doe hereby nominate Constitute ordayne and appoynt my sayd sonne Henry Trigge

and my sayd Sonne in Law George Denyer to be sole and whole Executors of this my last will and Testamt

in trust never thelesse to and for thises intents and purposes after mencones (that is to say) from and after

the payment of all and every my debts and Legacyes aforesayd To the intent and purposa that my Executors

aforesayd shall well and truely deliver and pay or cause to be delivered and payd all and every the surplusage of my goods chells and psonall estate

whatsoever unto my daughter Elizabeth Denyer wife of the sayd George Dennyer, my daughter Jane

Cooke my sonne John Trigge my daughter Frances Trigge & my sonne William Trigge to be

equally devided betweene them share and share alike wthin two yeares of my decease. In Witnesse

whereof to this my last will and Testamt I have sett my hand and seale the Fifteenth day of November in the

One and Thirtieth yeare the the raigne of our most gracious Soveraigne Lord Charles the second by the grace of

God King of England Scotland France Ireland defender of the faith etc Anno Dni 1679


Signed sealed published and declared to he her

last will and Testament in the pnce of                                         Jane Trigg

Thomas Lea

James Budgen

Willm Woods



Probatum fuit humoi Testamtum Jane Trigg ?

Parochie de Dorkeing in Com Surrie Vid defte Vicesimo

Septimo die mensis Martii Anno Dni Millimo Sexcentesimo et

Octogesimo Coram Discreto viro Magro Johanne Higham

Clerico Surrogate Venlis viri Georgii Brampton Legu Baccalaurei

in et per totum Archidiaconatum Surrie Officialis principalis

legitimo constituti, Juramentis Henrici Trigge et Georgii

Dennier Executorum in eod Testamto noiatornum Quibus

Commissa fuit Admco omnm et singular bonor, Juria  et

Creditorum dce defte de bene et fidelr adstrando eod etc

Deqbus et Compo pd Ad Ste Dei Evangeli primis




Jurate fuere Henericus Trigge

et Georgius Dennier Executorius

huius introscripti Testamti vice

simo septimo die Martii Anno

Domini 1680 tam de veritate

?  ?  ?

Joh: Higham Sur


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