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I believe Edward Jackson may have been son of John Jackson and Martha christened 30.12.1804 at Manchester Cathedral. I cannot find any other record there , where the vast majority of baptisms were carried out, and other Manchester churches were also blank For confirmation I need to find Jamesís baptism to these parents. As this has not been found I have to look further.


Edward Jacksonís birth has long been a stumbling block.

First I need to consider the varying information about Edwardís age and birthplace.

1841 35 (-39) 1802-1806 Not Cheshire
1851 b 1809 Manchester (Says Oswald)
1861 b 1807 Macclesfield
1871 b 1815 Manchester
1805 age 73 on death registration
1806 Age 72 on gravestone in Macclesfield Cemetery See below

This suggests that 1805-7 is most likely birthdate, and Manchester is most likely birthplace.

Next other members of the family may provide a clue.

Edward refers to his sister-in-law Ellen Swindells in his will. Ellen Jackson nťe Oliver married Samuel Swindells on 24 Mar 1868 at St Peterís, Macclesfield, Cheshire (per marriage certificate). I have not found her marriage to James Jackson, but she is with him in Macclesfield, Bramhall near Stockport, and Macclesfield again on the 1841-1861 censuses. Link to the Olivers is further confirmed by George Jacksonís presence with Ellenís father Thomas in 1841. Ellen could possibly have been married three times as there is a marriage of Ellen Lomas to James Jackson 24.6.1833 at Prestbury- EXCEPT she is shown as a spinster. There seem to be Lomases with James and Ellen in Censuses. Further George Jackson stays with Lomases in Dodworth when moving there in 1861. I have occasionally doubted the Bramhall record, but Ellenís birthplace of Flash seems to be a clincher (so often wrong on other Censuses).

James Jacksonís age is shown as follows

1841 30 (-34) 1807-1811 Cheshire - However this enumerator ages people exactly not by rounding.
1851 37 1814 Macclesfield
1861 50 1811 Macclesfield

His death may be in 1861, 1864, 1865 or 1867. 1864, but 1865 or 1867 may be the most likely as being in East Macclesfield, 1861 being in West Macclesfield.  Certificate might just pin down age further. He does seem to have clearly been born in Macclesfield 1811-1814. Furthermore the 1861 death was a silk manufacturer, can be eliminated, likewise the 1865 death was a tailor, these according to the national probate calendar, and the burial in 1864 was a water coater(?). Also the MI for the 1865 death makes it clear this is also the wrong one.

The 1861 death was age 52 (1809), the 1864 death was age 54 (1810), the 1865 death was age 55, and 1867 was aged 57 (1810).

Cheshire record office did a free 10 minute search on these two, all they found was James Jackson, christened in 1814 to John and Ann in St Michaelís Macclesfield. This was not a total search and may not be the only possibility, and more tellingly, James Jackson son of John and Ann was buried at St Michael's on 23rd August 1815. Other Jacksons appear on the 1841 Censuses. In 1841 next door to James Jackson is James Jackson 73 and Hannah  74 with Matthias 49. With Edward Jackson, definitely in the same house is a Samuel Jackson aged 40 (1797-1801) born not in Cheshire. He seems very likely a brother.


Perhaps if Jamesís death and monumental inscription can be found might give more information. Tracing Samuel later to get better age or Birthplace has not been totally successful. It is hard to identify him with certainty.


Another possible clue is Ellenís nephew George Hall. His parents were Enoch Hall a brewer, and Sarah Ann Lomas. They are alive and well, it just seems George was not brought up by them. One of his siblings was witness at his marriage to Caroline Gosling

Sarah Ann was with James Jackson and Ellen on the 1851 (with possible siblings) and the latter were with Sarah alone on 1861 census. Enoch Hall and Sarah Ann Lomas married at St Peterís Prestbury on 9 Jan 1863. Her father was John Lomas, a stone mason, who was apparently married to Mary Turner. Are they related to Mary Ann Lomas, and are the Lomases with George Jackson also connected?

Although Ellen is known to be an Oliver, it is also hard to ignore the very plausible marriage between James Jackson and Ellen Lomas on 24.6.1833 at Prestbury except Ellen is shown as a spinster.


Looking at Ellen's age and birthplace on censuses etc shows the following: -


1841    29    1812 Born in Cheshire

1851    37    1814 Derbyshire Flash

1861    48    1813 Yorkshire Leeds

1871    59    1812 Derbyshire Flash

1881    69    1812 Penistone Yorkshire

1891    79    1812 Derbyshire Brandside




In Loving memory of


beloved wife of EDWARD JACKSON

who died Dec 21 1869

aged 58 years.


the above named who died Jan 23

(no year given)

aged 72 years.


granddaughter of the above

who died Jan 19 1889

aged 22


who died Feb 6 1897

aged 85 years.

Edward Jacksonís Grave




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