Hyde, Cheshire Pictures



Higher Henry Street

Annie Jackson was born here, and Edward Jackson owned 3 properties even after moving to Bolton.

St George’s Hyde

Richard Bond Cocks marriage to Eliza Leah

Harry and Annie Jacksons baptisms

and many other events took place here.



Wood End Lane

Harry Jackson was born here

The streets around St Georges Hyde were home to Edward and Ann Jackson from at least 1889 to 1899. During this period they lived at Wood End Lane (above), 71 Great Norbury Street, which runs off Higher Henry Street (top), where they lived next, and 33 Perring Street, also close nearby.

Other family events in Hyde were at the Hyde Presbyterian Chapel,

also known as Gee Cross Unitarian Church.

See another picture at this site.

The Leahs and Halls were baptised and in some cases buried here.

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