Ships and Crossings of the Holmes & Edwards Emigrations



George Whateley Holmes

He left London on 8th September 1866, and arrived in Adelaide 1st Jan 1867 on Canterbury Ė a sailing ship.

Similar journey in 1851 on a similar ship took 5 months, best journey time is likely to be about 89 days.

The Times, 5th September 1866

He then moved on next year:

Arrived Sydney 28th February 1868 on Spec

He worked his passage on this later voyage   (No illustration)


Frederick Walter Holmes

Left Liverpool on 7th August 1868, and arrived New York 9th Sept 1968 on board the James Foster Junior,

Liverpool - New York


(no illustration)

The Times 29.7.1868

Alice Elizabeth Holmes

Left Liverpool 21st July 1870, and arrived in New York on 2nd Aug 1870 City of London, Inman Lines Liverpool - New York

Belfast Newsletter 7.7.1870

Caroline Emma Holmes

Departed on 12th June 1912 from Avonmouth on the Royal George

Arrived on 19th June 1912 at Montreal

This was used a troop ship in WW1

The Times 14.6.1912

Dennis and Emma Smith, with Ernest and Frederick

Departed on 28th Mar 1913 from Liverpool on the Victorian

Arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 4th April 1913

Edwin Albert Edwards

Departed 16th April 1909 from Liverpool on the Victorian (see above)

Arrived 23rd Apr 1909 St Johns New Brunswick, then Halifax Nova Scotia

George William Edwards and Emma with Samuel and Alyce

Left on 18th April 1907 Liverpool on Empress of Britain

Arrived on 27th April 1907 St Johnís New Brunswick, Canada


Alice Elizabeth Edwards and Albert

Departed on 17th December 1909 from Liverpool on the Corsican

Arrived on 25th December 1909 St Johnís New Brunswick

Samuel Henry Holmes

Departed on July 18th 1872 from Liverpool

Arrived on 29th July 1872 in New York on the City of Paris, Inman Lines aged only 14

The TImes 13.7.1872


Richard Whateley Holmes

Left Plymouth on 12th November 1879, and arrived in Sydney on 16th September 1879 on the La Hogue aged only 16

As a sailing ship, the journey is likely to have taken a similar length to the 4 months of Georgeís journey

The Standard 2.6.1879

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