Hester Pierce of Colnbrook 1819 Will



In the name of God Amen

This is the last will and Testament of me Hester Pierce of

Colnbrook in the parish of Buckingham widow

I devise all my just debts funeral expenses and all the expenses

of proving this my will and legacies to be paid I give my brother

in law John Pierce five pounds I give my brother John Bisley

five pounds I give and bequeath unto my executor and executrixes

the whole residue of my property both real and personal In

trust for the following purposes that is to say to procure for the use of my

daughter Hester Pierce the sum of six pounds per quarter of a year

in advance from the day of my death so long as the said Hester Pierce

remains unmarried but should the said Hester Pierce marry then it is

my will that this sum ceases and be appropriated to the use of my

residuary legatees or their representatives hereinafter named I do

constitute and appoint Joseph Lamoureux of Green Street Grosvenor

Square gentleman Matha the wife of George Boyce of Egham Surrey          (Matha sic)

Baker and Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Dalby of Winkfield

Berkshire Baker joint Executor and Executrixes to this my last will

and testament to the said Joseph Lamoureux I give twenty

pounds for the trouble he may have in executing the trust

I repose in him to Martha the wife of George Boyce and Elizabeth the

wife of Thomas Dalby I appoint joint residuary legatee

share and share alike and in case either or both of them should

die before me then the children of them or either of them to

have what their mothers would have had had they been alive

and that independent of their husbands In witness whereof


I Hester Pierce have hereunto set my hand this eighth day

of November one thousand eight hundred and eight Hester Pierce

signed and declared this to be the last will and testament of

Hester Pierce who at her request and in the presence of each

other have subscribed our names Jos h. Kimber

Jno. Ffulkes


Proved at London 18th March 1819 before the worshipful

John Dodson Doctor of Laws by the oath of

Joseph Lamoureux one of the executors to whom admon

was granted having been first sworn duly to admin roewed?

to Martha in the will written Matha Boyce wife of George

Boyce and Elizabeth Dolby (in the will written Dalby) wife of

Thomas Dolby the other executors


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